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Exploring the Elements

Explore the elements and An Ayurvedic Path with this free mini-course.

Over the course of five days, you will be guided into each one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) and explore how you can incorporate them into your daily life. By getting in touch with nature and the innate wisdom it carries, we are able to foster that wisdom within ourselves.

Are you tired of feeling exhausted, run-down, lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, and out of touch? You may feel like this because our modern-day world is disconnected from the natural rhythms of life. We use technology to simulate our waking hours, drugs like caffeine to heighten our work productivity, then alcohol to release the stress - as well as social media, processed foods, and sugar to keep ourselves numb and complacent.

It's time to turn off the autopilot and start living with intention. By cultivating awareness around the daily flow of your life, you are able to live from a place of embodied power. Throughout this course, we will dive into Ayurvedic concepts that will help you cultivate awareness and work towards creating a balanced life. The course includes practical explorations of each topic, along with journal prompts and meditations.

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