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Cool Down Ritual Mist

These ritual mists are perfect for setting intentions & transforming your space. With the power of intention, you can shift your surroundings into a sacred one.

This blend was specifically for the pitta dosha, during the summer season, or while feeling over-heated & in need of release. 

  • Moon charged water- to invite soothing energy

  • Peppermint & pine E.O. - to cool the body & mind

  • Rose quartz - to offer sweetness & loving support

May you feel cool, calm, & collected.

Directions: Spray around your space while setting the intention to bring forth cool relief.

Our favorite times to use the Cool Relief Ritual Mist are during work, as a mid-day release, & at the end of our day!

2 fl oz.All Natural. Small Batch. Cruelty-Free. Made in USA.

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