Cool Down Self-Care Package

Holistic Self-Care encompasses mind, body, & soul. By cultivating a multitude of small rituals throughout your daily life, you transform your reality from mundane to sacred.

This Holistic Self-Care Package was crafted specifically for the pitta dosha, during the summer season, or while feeling over-heated & in need of release. 

May you feel cool, calm, & collected.

  • The Cool Down Ritual Soak takes bathing to the next level. This soak contains a blend of coconut milk powder, epsom salt, baking soda, our “cool down” herbal tea blend, peppermint & pine E.O. & butterfly pea powder powder to give it its natural coloring. Invite pleasure through all of your senses - you deserve it.

  • The Cool Down Ritual Mist is perfect for setting intentions & transforming your space.It contains a soothing blend of moon charged water, peppermint & pine essential oils, & rose quartz crystals to help ease your mind, body, & spirit. Our favorite times to use the Cool Down Ritual Mist are during work, as a mid-day release, & at the end of our day!

  • The Cool Down Ritual Tea connects you to the medicinal plant spirits.This blend contains Peppermint, Fennel, Hibiscus, Red Clover, & Rose to offer you cool release. As you connect the head & heart through this holistic practice, your mind & spirit align. Enjoy each sacred sip.

  • The Cool Woods Ritual Melts use aromatherapy to bring balance to your state of mind. This blend offers the cooling scents of Peppermint & Pine. Allow the aromatic scents to permeate your space as each melt burns in all its herbal glory!

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