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Whispers of the Soul

March 23, 2021 4 min read


I was drawn to Ayurveda because of a small voice whispering from deep within me, telling me there was more to life than the way I was living.

My mind was in a fear based mentality, I felt stuck and stagnant, I didn’t have many healthy routines, and my heart was fighting to be acknowledged. My spirit wanted to feel free, fearless, confident, and embodied in this physical existence. The minute I discovered Ayurveda my whole being sighed with relief, “yes, this is what I’ve been searching for!”.

I dove headfirst into the world of Ayurveda, learning about the elements and the doshas, vedic philosophy, lifestyle and self-care practices - I couldn’t get enough! I felt like I was finally getting a sense of how to live in alignment with my deepest self and my truest values: nature, self-love, personal growth, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, exploring spirituality. That was five years ago. I have gone through many ups and downs since then - feeling like I had everything figured out, to feeling totally hopeless and as lost as ever.

The core of Yogic/Ayurvedic teachings is to always come back to your Self, the deepest part of your being. To return over and over again, no matter how many times you drift astray. The more you come back to yourself, the more trust you cultivate, and the easier it is to bounce back in the face of adversity. Ayurveda doesn’t magically cure your body, state of mind, or lifestyle overnight. It is a lifelong practice, a way of living.

The reason we return to our mat, create healthy routines, practice self-care, and cultivate awareness is to build our inner reservoir of strength. So that when we are truly challenged, challenged to grow and expand from our comfortable, known existence into the uncertainty of the unknown, we have trust, faith, courage, and that unshakeable relationship with ourselves and the Universe to go ahead and take the leap.

So many of us are seeking to feel whole, connected, inspired, awake, alive, joyful, playful, confident. This is our true nature! This is the state of our deepest self, always. But how do we get from feeling stuck and stagnant, or depleted and drained, to thriving, inspired, and fully embodied? The key is integration: building a bridge between our truest self (the voice within our hearts whispering our deepest needs and desires) and our current self (the one who is in control and calling the shots). When we take responsibility for our happiness and well-being, we allow ourselves to feel empowered within our lives instead of victimized by our circumstances. So, how can we uplift and amplify that small voice within so that it is heard on a daily basis? This can be practiced in both small and large ways:


Is there something you have always wanted to do or spend more time with but continuously put off because it doesn’t seem productive, of value, or important?
So often we only allow ourselves to spend our time doing an activity if it is going to get us somewhere. As children, productivity is the last thing on our minds; we just want to play, be outside, explore, and use our imagination. Do you ever do things just for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment? Listen to your inner child and “indulge” throughout your days! Draw, paint, play games, rock climb, knit, play an instrument, dance, yell, make a fort, sing, go on a road trip - whatever it is your spirit is asking for, allow yourself to explore it. This is a MUST! We are creative, expressive, and playful beings, if we keep repressing our desires we will end up dissatisfied and unenthused with life. You deserve to enjoy your life!

Are there things you know are beneficial to your physical and mental health that you are ignoring?
Spend 5 minutes a day doing that thing. Stretch for five minutes, work out for five minutes, journal for five minutes, meditate for five minutes, sit in nature for five minutes. The mind likes to make things into a bigger deal than they actually are. When you commit to just five minutes, you will feel accomplished after completing the task and taking care of yourself. Plus, the rush of dopamine will help you turn it into a habit. 🤩 This concept can be applied to anything - whether that’s drinking more water, eating healthier, spending less time on social media. The key is starting small.

Are you spending your time doing something that doesn’t feel aligned with your deepest self?
Did you make plans with someone that no longer feels aligned with you? Cancel them!🙅‍♀️Honor your energy and your space, and don’t feel guilty for putting your needs first. Did you commit to a diet or exercise program that you thought would be beneficial, but now feels like a drag? Adjust! Be fluid and open to different avenues of change. When we practice saying no and creating boundaries in small ways, it better prepares us to speak up and make changes in big ways, too. Like building a muscle or learning a new skill, you must start small and practice consistently in order to see growth.


I encourage you to grab your journal and ask yourself the following:
In what ways are you remaining small?
What does living the life of your dreams look like?
How does your soul want to be expressed?
In what ways can you strengthen the whispers of your soul so you don’t have to strain so hard to hear them?
How can you support your deepest self on this journey?

Practice compassion as you learn to honor your time and shift the way you move through the world. Change isn’t easy, but it is worth it! The more you develop that relationship with the whispers of your heart, the louder it will be in all aspects of your life. Your inner knowing turns into your compass and shows you the way to fulfillment. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, the life your heart is longing for.♥

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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