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Transform Daily Tasks Into Sacred Rituals

January 19, 2022 3 min read

When I began studying Ayurveda I was completely blown away - my heart finally found what it had been searching for: connection, support, guidance, truth, communion, purpose, and ultimately, love.

I was very vata, depleted and searching for nourishment on a soul level. I lacked structure and routine, I lacked purpose and direction - I had all of this creative energy with no idea how to direct it. I didn't have anyone modeling how to be a healthy adult and lacked the basic components of self-care and self-love. Slowly, I began creating a foundation for myself on a holistic level. I supported my body through self-care practices, exercise, and right-eating. I supported my mental health through daily routines, therapy, and self-expression (dancing was a primary outlet!!). I supported my spiritual self through meditation, community, and spending time in nature.

Ayurveda provided me with a routine and helped me build trust within myself. I learned how to foster the deepest and truest part of my being. However, after some time, I suddenly realized how monotonous routine could be and began to resent my daily to-do list: wake up, scrape my tongue, drink warm lemon water, meditate, practice yoga and pranayama, do abhyanga, oil pull, use my neti pot, rinse my eyes, take a cold shower, cook a healthy breakfast, spend time in nature, and it goes on and on (also throw in work, school, cleaning, sleeping, and spending time with others!). I felt overwhelmed, the magic had faded, all of the things that once filled me up now felt like chores.

After reflecting on why this is, I noticed two things. Firstly, I didn't have to do every single one of these practices in order to be happy and healthy. The main purpose was to gather the tools so I could learn what to reach for and when. Secondly, it wasn't necessarily about the actions themselves but the intentions behind them. I found my awe, wonder, and gratitude for the miracle of life had suddenly been replaced by a checked-out indifference.

We are physical beings, which means we have to eat, bathe, sleep, exercise, do laundry, make money, etc. in order to survive. I found myself resenting the earthly realm and my physical self - I simply wanted to connect with the Universe, not all this other bullshit. But what I discovered is that by honoring these daily tasks, they transformed into sacred ones. Instead of them weighing me down, they themselves became my spiritual practice. Taking a shower became filled with joy, because I was cleansing the vehicle of my soul. Cleaning my surroundings became filled with joy, because I was deserving of a beautiful environment. Exercising became filled with joy, because it made me feel strong and empowered. I was no longer doing things because I felt I "should" but because I valued my life and everything it entailed.

I asked myself, how can I best share this realization with others? How can I help people cultivate healthy rituals and bring sacredness into their daily actions in a way that is creative and intuitive as well as practical? Through this reflection, An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck was born.

The deck contains 65 cards divided into five primary categories which are reflected through the elements:

  • Earth focuses on lifestyle and self-care practices.
  • Water focuses on reflection and journal exercises.
  • Fire focuses on healthy eating guidelines.
  • Air focuses on creative activities.
  • Ether focuses on sensory therapies.

It also includes a guidebook for in-depth explanations of each card.

The intention is to pull 1-3 cards each week and work on implementing those practices into your daily routine. These prompts could range from something practical like tongue scraping, to something more "woo-woo" like making a vision board. Each card is designed to bring you closer to living in alignment with your True Nature as you embrace every act as a sacred one.

May we honor nature and the elements.
May we live in alignment with our own True Nature as Spirit.
May we treat life and everything we do in it as sacred.

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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