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The Koshas

November 24, 2020 4 min read

Our strongest growth comes through at unpredictable times.

The unpredictability of this year has taken many twists & turns. A great deal of us have experienced some very difficult times; many continue to face these challenges while others may feel like life is beginning to shift with more ease. Regardless of which scenario you relate to more at this time, feel within that you too, are transforming for the better. You are adapting and growing through these peculiar situations.

Although, we all require assistance from others to heal at times, you also always have the power to assist your own soul along its journey.

Ayurveda provides us with the tools for balancing our own healing through our senses.

As human beings with our own multifaceted essences, we have layers - layers of being! When something enters your aura, how deep it penetrates will also determine how affected you are by it, whether that be physically, emotionally, or subtly.

The Panchamaya Koshas are the 5 layers in which we experience impressions:

Annamaya Kosha: the physical body which is fueled by fresh, nourishing foods & imbalanced by processed foods lacking vitality. Feeds all the other layers & their qualities are based on how you choose to feed the physical body. The element of Earth.

• Pranamaya Kosha:the energetic flow of our sensory impressions experienced through the nadis (channels). Quality of this energetic flow is determined by the quality of the breath & balanced by pranayama (intentional breathing practices). The element of Water.

• Manomaya Kosha: the mind processing sensory input as feelings, expressions, memories or impressions within yourself. The power of thought is accessed through this layer by reflecting mindful choices in positivity. Affirmations & Mantra offer intentional opportunities to practice new, beneficial thought patterns. The element of Fire.

• Vijnanamaya Kosha: the true knowing of wisdom accessed through introspection. Growing closer to your true Self that which is detached from personal gain & aligned with aspirations of wellbeing for everyone. By honoring the body & mind through nourishing food, high quality information & harmonious sensory intake, you are growing closer to this layer's main focus of transcendence. The element of Air.

• Anandamaya Kosha: the inner-most subtle realm reflecting your bliss essence. This layer is the final result of refining positive, and healthy intake through the previous layers. Our innate natural state of bliss based solely upon our own internal joy is accessed through proper care of each individual soul. The element of Ether.

All of these layers build upon each other while nourishing & feeding the quality of the next layer. This portrays the relationship of the physical practices we emphasize within Ayurveda to benefit mental, emotional & overall wellbeing.

Essentially, we are receptive beings & everything we take in has an effect upon us. Sometimes we have control over what we intake, but sometimes the world around us is so active that we are frequently in need of a reset. This is why self-care is so necessary. Self-care offers an opportunity for you to decide what you need in that moment & the tools to honor & overcome it.

Cards in An Ayurvedic Path which represent physical Ayurvedic actions to balance the deeper layers of your being:

• Digital Detox:take space to pause external impressions & sit with the honest reality of your own energy. Perfect for relieving overwhelm, anxiety or any excess overstimulation.

• Renew Your Outlook: the eyes are a major organ for sensory intake that the mind directly processes instantly. Refresh your the lens of perception by doing an eyewash with a blend of 1/2 warm water to 1/2 rose hydrosol in an eye cup

• Grateful Nourishment:nourish the body with gratitude through by directly appreciating your food. By infusing the act of eating with heartfelt gratitude, you nourish nurture the soul on its deepest levels.

• Affirmation Creation: create new thought patterns for yourself with intentional words that invoke positive alignment within your life. Verbally repeat them daily.

• Soul Connection:pause the surface level activities in order to truly drop into the depths of your being. Practice connection to the source self through the things & experiences which nourish the soul.

• Rewards of Gratitude: journal your blessings to raise your vibration! It's easy to forget our divine worth when we get caught up in Maya's illusions. This practice will instantly fill your body & consciousness with joy.

• Expressive Movement:use physical movement of your body to shed the layers of accumulated energy that isn't yours to hold onto. Free yourself from projections & attachments in order to bathe in the serotonin of your natural state. Dance, swim, hike, run with intention.

• Greet The Day: create a rising routine to help protect your energetic boundaries & build up your gratitude for life. Take this time to do these things for you & your soul.

Dive deeper into your dharma & have fun with it!
When you live in alignment & care for your soul, you add authentic beauty to the world. :)

With love,
Erica & Tatiana

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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