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The Art of Letting Go

April 13, 2021 3 min read


Are you tired of us talking about Kapha season yet? No??
Great, because we have a lot more to share! 💃

Kapha qualities are heavy, dull, stagnant, and cloudy. When this comes to play in our hearts and minds it can lead to a lot of inner turmoil, and may manifest as resistance to change, holding on to things we need to let go of, and overall avoidance of reality. During the winter months, we needed to bring balance to the vata dosha by inviting in heavy and grounding qualities. We spent months building up our routines and barriers for protection, and now we are being asked to release control and enter the flow of life.You may find yourself feeling exposed, wanting to seek cover, or going into hermit mode at this time.

To move through Spring gracefully, we invite you to practice the art of letting go.

For those of you that don’t know, I just moved to Austin, TX from NYC. As with any move or big life change, there is a period of mourning that follows. Not only am I going through a breakup with my beloved city, but I am also going through a breakup with my former partner. I forged this new path in the middle of February, and the synchronistic timing is not lost on me. I was able to mourn with the end of winter, and am beginning to re-emerge alongside the bountiful season of Spring.

When we are placed in situations that require change and adaptivity, we must invite grace into our lives.

When we resist our reality, we create unnecessary obstacles. By inviting grace in through the art of letting go, we are able to transition smoothly. Throughout the past two months I have found myself going through the cycles of mourning: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. There have been times where I have felt all of these emotions within the span of a few hours. “Was it a mistake to leave NYC? What if I just went back temporarily? Why did the pandemic have to happen? Am I ever going to feel happy anywhere?” Followed with, “Ah, I’m home. All is well and all will always be well. I trust life.” The whiplash from these emotions is REAL. The only way to navigate them is with patience, grace, and by releasing control.

Now, you may not be going through a breakup or moving across the country, but we are all still processing this pandemic and the ways our lives have changed. As things slowly return back to normal we have to allow ourselves time and space to grieve. We can use the momentum of Spring to help us instead of hinder us.

Feel. Embrace. Accept.

Processing is key. Get in your feels, don’t resist them.

  • Journal: free-flow your thoughts; ask your emotions questions (why are you here, what do you have to say, how can I support you?); get curious about any resistance that may be present.

  • Meditate: allow your pain to be felt fully; comfort your inner child; breathe into the present moment.

  • Talk to a friend or therapist: having a support system is essential to maintaining mental health, confide in someone you trust.

  • Calm your nervous system: take a bath; practice soothing yoga like yin or restorative; go for a walk. Offer yourself comfort and support, allow your body to relax fully, spend time connecting with yourself in an intimate way.

Allow yourself time and space to grieve.


Release. Let go. Invite in.

Release the old and invite in the new. Don’t be afraid to shake things up.

  • Move your body: release trauma and pain by inviting in movement - shake, run, hike, swim, bike; anything to encourage proper flow.

  • Step outside of your routine: put yourself out there! Try something new, let go of your need for control, embrace discomfort, recognize that change is a necessary part of growth.

  • Practice visualization: allow yourself to daydream - envision your ideal life and truly allow yourself to feel it and believe it. Every physical thing in existence starts out in the imagination; don’t be afraid to dream big!

  • Use affirmations: rewire your brain by incorporating positive affirmations daily - these could be written down or said out loud. Our minds are powerful tools, by using affirmations we are able to step out of negative thought patterns.

By putting new energies out there you are letting go of the past and calling forth what you truly desire.

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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