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Svastha: The Meaning of Health

July 27, 2021 4 min read


In Sanskrit, Svastha is the word for Health. The translation means established in the Self (higher self). This version of self-security is not daydreaming of the past or what could be. This version is completely content with all that is. Even if life is not ideal, there is acceptance, forgiveness & compassion for what life is in this present moment. 

“Perfect health” is the end result of both positive self-esteem & spiritual Self-awareness. These ideals are a culmination of all of your life experiences & the journey in which you took to honor your soul’s purpose in life. Perfect health is not easily attainable & it isn’t meant to be.

When something comes up for us in our health, we are guided to be drawn inwards for self-reflection.

Then, we can begin to adjust our lives according to what imbalances we are experiencing. Studying yourself through an Ayurvedic lens requires an open mind & heart. We enter the scientific & spiritual realms at the same time, accessing all that we are made of. We are asked to see the world in a new way where we begin to know the energy of matter rather than just the chemical compositions. What is the foundational essence of something & how does it go through metamorphosis? What is the relationship of the two things in which you are inquiring about? How do they interact, how do they complement or oppose each other? Without beginning to ask these questions, we aren't entering the realm of awareness & the realm of awareness is where all of the answers arise. Our deeper questions require deeper inquiry. 


When we say the higher Self, it relates to the soul, the higher nature connected to the greater whole. The smaller self is of a lower nature connected to the ego & disconnected from the greater whole. 

Ayurvedic health is considered a balance of the doshas, the dhatus (7 tissue layers), agni (13 metabolic powers), malas (waste byproducts), wellness & a pleasant state of the mind, soul & the senses. Rather than just adding years to your life (which is wonderful), Ayurveda also adds quality to your years here on earth. A balanced life is an enjoyable life. Svastha is a blissful equilibrium, thus it is a journey of persistence throughout the chaotic life that society has set as the standard for us. Svastha goes beyond just the physical state of wellbeing. Svastha encompasses every aspect of our being. If the mind is not well, you are not in balance. If the emotions or spiritual energetics are turbulent, you are not in balance. And that is okay! It just shows you where to begin to shift your attention. Since the senses play a huge role in our wellbeing, their functioning & state are a prominent aspect of Svastha as well.

How are you using your senses in daily life?
Do you feel like your senses are being nourished, or indulged?


When Ayurvedic treatments or chikitsas are given, the whole state of wellbeing is in consideration. Since everything is connected, we can recommend something that addresses the root cause from many different angles when working towards Svastha. That is also why an Ayurvedic intake is very extensive. We ask the client about every aspect of their life in order to piece together the story of their current reality. If Svastha, complete health, is dependent on all of these factors, then we can see how easy it may be to become out of balance. There are so many impressions on us in daily life. We are affected by something, almost every second of the day! This is why having an amazing foundation for your healthy routines is essential to your wellbeing in this day and age. 


We’ve seen different examples of people dealing with different physical imbalances. Some people are unwilling to make the psycho-spiritual connection of those diseases which also makes healing a lot harder. With Ayurvedic guidance, it is easier to be supported in truly looking at the root cause of illness. The root cause of illness is always forgetting your true nature as a divine being. But many people go on living day to day in suffering due to many aspects of their lives being imbalanced. If you move further on that path of avoidance, the illness becomes rooted deeper & it is harder to heal. Have compassion for those that are not yet on this part of their path yet. Karmically, we all enter our awakening in divine timing. Being willing to take a close look at your life is a vulnerability. It is honorable & leads as a good example for the people in your life as well. 

A result of Svastha is confidence. For when we are stable, happy, satisfied & healthy, we are shining our inner light radiantly. Confidence is the freedom of doubt. When we make balancing choices in life, life begins to get easi

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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