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Summer Guide

June 21, 2020 4 min read



Here we are at the shift of seasons - rainy spring to summer. Before the heat hits too hard, let’s embrace some techniques of naturally cooling the body & mind.In Ayurveda, we learn preventative tools that are essential to creating balance. As the environment heats up, you’ll want to do your best to keep things cool & not let your inner fire go beyond containment. With fire comes the qualities of light, dry, hot. Use the qualities of moist & cool to counter them. 

With too much heat you most likely feel irritability, frustration, anger, acid reflux, dehydration, burnout, lack of energy or even a lack of motivation from heat debility. Catch the early signs of these before they over accumulate & cause discomfort!

Let’s dive into some categories…


Time to stray away from strong spices that are heating.As the heat rises, your hunger may decline. Stay nourished, but honor this by not overeating or eating foods that are too heavy. You may start naturally craving a cucumber salad or a cool, juicy watermelon! Some of our favorite summer foods are: cucumbers, celery, dandelion greens, leafy greens, chickpeas, coconut, apples, avocados, sweet berries, lemons, limes nectarines, mango, watermelon, ghee/olive/coconut oils, amaranth, quinoa & basmati rice.


It’s time to take a break from our warming chai & move more towards a green tea for energy. Lovely teas for the season are rose, lemon balm, lavender, calendula, chamomile, peppermint, licorice, marshmallow, passionflower, hibiscus & dandelion. Think cooling, moisture increasing & calming. Heat may be aggravating to your mind/body. You may not want warm beverages at this time, but try to refrain from having iced beverages & reach for room temperature or chilled drinks instead. 


Essential to feeling your best this season! Some ways to make water fun are to add lemon, lime, chia seeds, a splash of juice, fruit or herbs. Switch up your lemon water to lime for a new sense of refreshment. Add chia seeds to a jar of purified water, shake the jar & enjoy for enhanced natural energy. Most disease & discomfort stem from dehydration. Give your body the nourishment it needs to function at its best - you deserve it!

Stress Relief:

Do your best during these heated times to take some space for yourself. This point in time is very challenging for our society & it can be easy to experience an array of emotions.While we are the only ones that can change our reality of this world, remember to hit the reset button by taking time to enjoy some of your favorite things! Taking a break from stress is essential for you to be your best active self. Perhaps silence, stillness, yoga, nature walks, a releasing conversation, making a plan for your goals, building community,  some delicious food, dancing to music, playing music, singing, getting creative or simply taking a bath.Remember that you need to treat yourself like the Gods & Goddesses that you are in order to live your best life. 


Just as we want to be mindful of what we intake through food and diet, we want to be aware of what we intake through our senses.The senses play a primary role in our mental health and well-being, and can be a fun way to bring balance through our surroundings.

  • Rosewater:An all around soothing experience. This amazing floral elixir is soothing down to the soul. Simply use a spritz bottle to spray your face as needed, multiple times a day. Maybe you need a moment to reset, a moment to cool or simply a moment to feel sweet. 

  • Color Therapy: Simply pick a pastel color such as pink, green or blue (calming). This can be found in an article of clothing, paper, wall, etc! Gaze into the color to absorb its essence. Imagine being encompassed by the color, then once you feel a strong connection you may close your eyes and integrate it into your being. Another practical application of color therapy is to incorporate cooling colors into your surroundings through outfits, glasses, decorations, flowers - the options are endless!

  • Aromatherapy:The quickest way to reach the brain & shift your state! Our favorite Summertime scents are rose, gardenia, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, fennel, sandalwood, ylang ylang, clary sage & lemongrass. My fave summer hack when the heat is really unbearable is to put drops of peppermint essential oil on my wrists & elbow crease for instant cooling.

  • Nature:Remember to spend time in nature to soothe all of the senses. Being in nature automatically connects you to the bigger picture of life & lets you step back from your story.Intake all the colors, smell the scents, hear the wind & animals. Plan ahead to avoid being in the direct sun during its strongest hours (about 10am-2pm) & remember to stay hydrated!

To recap & understand the basic fundamentals of balancing summer heat… calm & cool.

We hope to better support your lives every day with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Much love,

Tatiana & Erica of The Guiding Elements

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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