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Sound Medicine

November 17, 2021 3 min read

"Life itself emanates from sound. For what is sound but audible breath - the rhythm and melody of the One Spirit that dwells within all things? Sound vibration is a manifestation of life energy, and that energy, or prana, is the basis for self-healing."

- Bri. Maya Tiwari in The Path of Practice: A woman's book of healing with food, breath and sound

As I read these words, curiosity sparked. A vedic creation story tells that the Goddess Durga rode her lion drumming the world into existence. The rishis, ancient sages of India, spoke of the primordial sound that creation emerged from. Every day, incantations take place and determine our realities. "Om" is chanted globally to access the universal essence of infinite energy. Vibrations are all encompassing as they move past the expression of sound. This is expressed in our very own bodies as the 72,000 nadis (energy channels of the body) are sensitive to & affected by sound. As the nadis lack obstruction, prana feeds the body & soul as life force energy. Then one lives a life of increased vitality & joyful expression. Now, don't we all want that? (The answer is yes!)

We've heard that one of the Ayurvedic goals is to live a harmonious lifestyle, now let's let that sink in. Harmonious means we are refraining from causing harm. Harmony is also a pleasant agreement, having complementary elements or characterized by the union of complementary sounds. Therefore, harmony is the path to healing. Whether we consider the harmony of lifestyle choices, sensory impressions, or sound vibrations, we are referring to creating peace within. Yet again, each choice has a corresponding effect & our current state reflects the reality of cause & effect. So the more you are able to choose harmonious actions in your life, the more your healing & vitality will increase.

Healing Through Vibratory Sound


Chanting is an ancient way to invoke certain vibrations & energies into your being.  Through rhythmic repetition you deepen your concentration & devote yourself to the specific intention. Chanting the name or specific mantras of deities allows you to unify with & embody them. This spiritual practice is a wonderful addition to meditation as it calms your mind, body & spirit yet activates the chakras. 

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks emanate pure sound waves that transmit through the nervous system, organs & the entire body. The vibration of the forks permeates through the body's meridians & activates the lymphatic system which helps healing. Beyond the physical, tuning forks affect the subtle body as well. Sound frequencies stimulate & harmonize points in the body. This therapy gifts us with enhanced relaxation to really allow healing to take place by shifting our mental state.

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls carry strong vibratory powers that mimic the energetic waves of the mind. Therefor, singing bowls are very enchanting to calm the mind & enhance meditation. Often, the tones correlate to the chakras. 

Vocal Harmonics

Your own voice is a powerhouse of healing potentiality. From the chants you recite, to the words you speak, you are casting your spell. By making certain sounds, we are able to dislodge blockages within the throat chakra. The throat chakra is responsible for authentic expression of your soul as well as expressing boundaries that protect your spirit. Practice a fluctuation of high & low tones to see how they affect your state of being. 


Music is one of our most ancient healing tools and a very fun one at that! How often do you turn to music to console yourself or to express your energetic state? Music makes up a majority of our auditory experiences in life. Whether its on spotify, soundcloud, heard at a live show, or even created by your own instruments, music is a grand part of all of our lives. Tune into your current relationship with music. Do you prefer instrumentals? Is your current music selection harmonious to your soul? Are you feeding your emotions through music or soothing them? 

~ ~ ~

Begin to notice how sound plays a huge role in your life. Think of a very soothing sound to you, perhaps a harp or a gentle hum. Now think of a very disturbing sound to you, perhaps a creaking door or a loud drag on the floor. Notice how imagining each of those has an effect on your mental state...

Is your sense of sound over stimulated or overlooked? Do you take breaks from sound stimulation to instill peace? Take note of frequently used words in your vocabulary. Adjust these words to align with your integrity. Invite the healing frequency of sound into your life through your sacred words of self respect & appreciation.

Access your healing powers through the awareness of sound. 

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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