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Shakti Ayurveda

December 15, 2021 4 min read

Are you interested in joining a safe space for sacred exploration this next year? I'm talking about self exploration as well as getting to know the secrets of the universe. You must have heard of Ayurveda already, but have you studied it?

Let's commit to something for 2022 collectively, shall we?


Let's commit to learning to love ourselves deeply through getting to know ourselves. It's a big commitment but oh so worth it! One of the most enhancing journeys I have experienced in my life has been learning Ayurveda. Being that Ayurveda is the science of life (or the art of living, as I like to say), it is an endless journey. I truly believe that every human can benefit from learning about Ayurveda whether it's for their own knowledge, to enhance their family's life or to be an Ayurvedic health counselor. 

I've been years deep into studying & I am making a commitment to myself for 2022 as a new student in a new program. Having graduated through years of Ayurvedic training, I still feel as if some of the wisdom is sitting on the surface of my life. I know the things, I have instilled life changing practices, I can talk about them, but the depth is missing. So this year I'm joining the 2022 class of Shakti School with Katie Silcox & her team! Have any of you heard of her amazing podcast Spirit Sessions (formerly known as The Ghee Spot)? Well, its very soulful. And if you haven't tuned in yet, go check it out so that you can get a deeper sense of her heartfelt expression as well as what is yet to come in Ayurveda School. 

How is Shakti School different from other Ayurveda programs?

Shakti School is feminine form, tantric based Ayurveda. "This course is for heart centered souls who want to expand their understanding of healing, women’s wisdom traditions and holistic medicine. It’s based on the idea that it’s possible to experience abundant health, passion and vitality at any age, and eliminate the divide between spiritual and worldly fulfillment." - a quote straight from the website.

It is a safe space for women to gather & explore the depths of our being that is honest & true. This is what I found missing from other holistic programs. I felt that I couldn't ask the internal questions I had about the way certain things related to my life because they were too personal or perhaps not "appropriate" to discuss in a group setting. For me, this pushed the idea of perfectionism in health, which is unattainable no matter how hard I tried. But that mentality was actually missing the point of Ayurveda in general. When programs have a masculine expression, this means the material is well informed & valuable while the structure of learning is very traditional to modern schooling. I was happy that my previous program was structured as so because it felt like I was going to the secret Hogwarts of Ayurveda! It gave me a phenomenal foundation of Ayurveda that was necessary for me to personally be able to flow with now. And at this time in my life, I'm ready to dive deeper into the full spectrum expression of what an Ayurvedic life feels like to me. This is where the masculine foundation holds a place for my feminine expression in a beautiful, balancing dance of the two. Plus this program is affordable with payment plans available!

The Journey

Shakti School opens a pathway for self discovery that feels like coming home to the true you. Honest curiosity is the catalyst while self compassion is the support. Women have always been connected to the healing energy of the universe, it is innate wisdom that flows through our bodies. When we dive deep into our womanhood, it naturally aligns for us to be the healers - our own healers & an assisted healer to others. Imagine entering this vortex of sacred learning for a whole year with women aligned to the same journey as you... You will transform & be held. 

The Teachers

We will be exposed to amazing, credible teachers with years of experience in the Ayurvedic field as well as other fields that are complimented by Ayurveda (such as neuroscience, nutrition, psychotherapy, etc). It is important to hear from many women who come from different walks of life. This factor increases relatability & openess to the medicine. 

The Course

This is a year long journey together. Classes are held live on Wednesdays for 3hrs & are recorded for future reference. The whole program occurs online so that women anywhere may join. The curriculum is very enticing, just check out the webpage to explore. Classes begin January 12th & the last day for enrollment is January 11, 2022!

The Rewards

Beyond the infinite reward of learning how to balance your own unique life, there is more: 

  • become a certified ayurvedic health coach
  • add to your community
  • work as an ayurvedic educator
  • the ability to create your own business with clients
  • the option to work remotely
  • the wisdom to help your friends & family holistically
  • honoring your inner knowing about your gifts & strengths
  • learning how to thrive as a unique individual
  • coming into a whole new expression of health


This course is for women that are:

  • seeking true connection with Self & others
  • wanting to create a heart based business
  • ready to level up in divine ways
  • open to the gifts of life
  • empowered by shining their own light
  • ready for authentic expression
  • looking to enhance their own yogic or spiritual practices
  • enticed by the human body & inner workings
  • curious on how to improve their own health
  • wanting to help their communities with valuable wisdom

If this entices you and you'd like to learn more OR if you're ready to sign up, just click this link to be directed to the webpage for Shakti School. I am SO excited for this journey & I hope to see you there! The journey begins January 12, 2022!

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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