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Sacred Mother Archetype

May 05, 2021 6 min read

Regardless of our gender, we all have access to the Mother Archetypal energy. We can recognize this energy, appreciate it & allow it to guide us! She is an ever present force in our daily lives & accessing her gifts will definitely shift our own sense of Self.

Besides birthing, the Mother Archetype is connected to wisdom, intuition, sustainability, nurturing & letting go. She is the divine feminine essence that has mastered the art of allowing. She creates, she has faith, & she detaches to allow her offspring to blossom into their own essences. We all have personal perceptions of “motherly energy” based on our upbringing. The motherly energy I’m speaking of is not as literal as you may think. Whether you’re going based off of your own mother, or the matriarch in your formative years- this archetype can be represented in any being… She is nurturing, but don’t you forget what a warrior she is! She is infinite strength powered by fierce compassion & she is accessible in your own heart. No matter our own relationship to our birth mother in this current life experience, we each have the opportunity to connect to the Sacred Divine Mother. It may take some more healing for some than others, but as a community we can begin to nurture our own motherly essences to offer the world.

“as a community we can begin to nurture our own motherly essences to offer the world”


Ways to Honor & Invite the Sacred Mother Archetype into your own life:

  • Create Protective Boundaries:

    You may not be as capable of giving love, nurturing, & creating a magical life through your gifts if your energy is leaking unintentionally. The Sacred Mother knows plenty about discernment. Her heart is so big, yet she knows she cannot save every soul she comes across. In order to protect her young, her intentions, her creations - she must protect her own energy body & know when to walk away or dismiss certain situations. She has an intuitive receptivity that guides who & what she lets into her life.

  • Indulge in Rejuvenation

    You did not come into this existence simply to work. Your body is not a production machine. Instead, it goes through seasons & cycles. When rest is needed, you must honor it. You must allow the freedom to do nothing, to take a break, to lay in the bathtub making bubbles or reading, to get that massage, to lounge, to sleep & restore! Take a look at your current indulgences & ask yourself what they are speaking to you. What are those cravings in need of reciprocating? How can you transform them into beneficial indulgences?

  • Connect to your Ancestry

    What traditions do you enjoy through your lineage? Whether you know your bloodline deeply or not, start to inquire about your roots. Ask your relatives about their stories from younger years. Why they moved to this country? What their childhood was like? Perhaps there are family traditions you really looked forward to as a kid that you may want to dive into again with a new reverence. The Mother Archetype passes on wisdom through storytelling & teaching. What do you desire to learn about your lineage?

  • Commune with Nature

    The natural world is our true primal mother. Gaia is the Mother Archetype herself, in full force. You have infinite possibilities here on Earth to commune with nature. Some ideas include camping, sleeping under the stars, waking with the sun, growing your own food/herbs, going for a hike, having a picnic, swimming, feeding a bonfire, making offerings to the Earth & simply walking barefoot outside or holding soil in your hands. The Earth’s field is naturally forgiving, healing & fueling to our bodies. She sets us back in ease from the stresses of modern day life where everything moves too fast & it’s hard to get ahead. She lets us forget about time & gifts us the present moment. Offer all of your stresses to her & she is happy to transmute them.

  • Practice the Art of Detachment

    If you have any experience of your own or a friend’s “overbearing mother” - you know very well the detriment it can cause to micromanage & worry. Whatever you birth, know that you have done your best & allow it to flourish in its own power. This is an integral part of manifestation just as well. Hyper focusing on an outcome will have an effect on it’s natural course. Have faith that your life is in divine flow & practice tuning into the actions you need to take vs separating from a specific, desired outcome.

  • Get into your Body & Dance

    Feminine energy is fluid. Let go of rigidity by coming into the fullness of your body. Since ancient times, the Mother has known of the transformative powers of dance. We all have the power to shift our lives through movement medicine. Whether you shake, twerk, choreograph, jump around, or lose all sense of expectation - allow your body to flow. Let the music guide you & enter into a trance like state. Dance is one of my favorite forms of meditation for it is such a natural happiness inducer. My day’s energy is always enhanced when I begin with some movement shortly after waking. The music guides my energy & my body allows it to flow through me!

  • Cultivate your Observer in the Present Moment

    We all have patterns - especially emotional patterns. When something disrupts our equilibrium, it is so easy to be reactive. The key to energy preservation in these scenarios is to step back & witness. Allow the emotion to rise & then examine. Either let it play out & learn from the experience or experiment with transmuting it. Like a mother stepping back to allow her child to witness their own emotions rather than stepping in immediately to scold - what can you learn by stepping back from your own emotional patterns?

  • Gather with Intention

    Gathering in community is when a certain form of deep healing takes place. When we share, relate, express, create, release or even cry together, we are building trusting relationships. Many have gotten into the habit of gathering on autopilot. But how much would you enjoy a gathering with an intention you truly align with?! Think of it as a themed, seed planting party. What are you interested in diving deeper into? Some ideas include a themed potluck, a skill share, a crafting circle, or even a meditation circle. Maybe you want to gather with your beloveds & simply cuddle up to a movie. The idea here is to find home in your sense of community so that you feel held as much as you offer to hold. I believe “it takes a village” for many accomplishments to be fruitful in this life. Building a healthy community is beneficial for all, as we are co-creating beings at heart.

  • Honor the Goddess of the Moon

    The Goddess of the Moon guides us through all her cycles. We that bleed with the moon, are highly affected by her energy as she sways the waters of our womb space monthly. By tuning into the rise & fall of the Moon’s energy, we are better equipped to handle all that comes at us in a sense of astrological energy. Tuning into Mother Moon’s energy familiarizes us with the concept of cyclical living. We loosen our tight expectations of ourselves & begin to appreciate the authenticity of allowing a flow of energy to divinely guide us.

  • Learn about your Monthly Moon Cycle

    The monthly moon cycle has different phases, asking us to play different roles. The more we resist this natural flow of energy, the more we resist our true selves. Working nonstop can lead to many health ailments. Those that don’t want to allow themselves rest, are also resisting their full potential. The fear of nonproductivity is detrimental to our wellbeing as individuals & a society. We all have a purpose even when we are not creating. In fact, the creation comes more naturally when we honor the entirety of our cycles. Begin to study your cycle & learn when you are ovulating, menstruating or in the follicular or luteal phase. They each have different super powers!

  • Allow your Creatrix to Breathe

    The pressure to create may hinder your soul more than propel you forward into sharing your gifts. Creation is an energy force that is to be nourished. Whether you think of yourself is creative or not- know that by inherent nature, you are. Painter, designer, writer, engineer, doctor, waitress, body worker, etc, regardless of your work title, you are a creator. When you prepare your own food, you are a creator. When you choose your outfit, you are a creator. When you curate the aesthetic of your home space, you are a creator. We create our own life every single day & sometimes don’t even notice it. Begin to notice all the ways you create in your daily life. Is it through affirmations, aesthetics, thoughts, writing, actions? Take it a step further & choose to intentionally create something new in your life!

  • Nurture your Inner Nurturer

    True nurturing comes from unconditional love. How can you expand this love as an offering? Take time to receive love through the gift of giving to your friends, family, plants, animals, or any beings that this universe holds. You may give love in the form of gestures or energy. Allow yourself to be held in the vibration of your sweet soul’s offerings :)

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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