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Sacred Evenings

October 13, 2020 3 min read

October is a time when we begin to see our outside world shifting. We see vitality of the trees & plants die back. We feel the winds pick up to clear debris; sweeping away the old. Most likely, we begin to feel an inward pull within ourselves as well.

Autumn is such a wondrous time of transition, yet it is also Vata season which has the qualities of light, dry, windy, cold & vast. These qualities can create the feeling of a void for you. You may feel like something is missing… but maybe what is missing is a deeper connection to your Self.

You have heard the importance of a morning routine to create balance & get your day started in a sustainable way - but have you explored an evening routine?

We believe that a positive day begins the night before. An evening routine is the perfect first step towards having a great day.Whether you have the intention of a productive day, a relaxing day, a fluid day or a studious day - you have the power to guide your days with the evening energy of restoration.

"A positive day begins the night before."

The new moon on October 16th, 2020 is in the sign of Libra, relating to fairness & balance. A reflection to check in with: have you been fair to yourself? Have you noticed a demanding nature towards yourself that you wouldn’t even expect of others? Chances are, you’ve been moving in super speed during the summer while the energy was supportive of an active vibration. Now, the energy of this moon is encouraging you to give back to yourself. Slow down, go inward, trust your soul & nourish your heart. The next steps of your journey may be uncertain, but faith in the divine path that guides you will prevail.

As new beginnings arise for you, it’s a divine time to gather your focus. Tuning inwards helps you to receive the messages you need to hear for this time of transition. When we clear space of distractions, we create intentionality & allow the universe to speak to us. Being receptive to these messages will guide them to you more frequently.

Let’s explore different options for a soul rewarding evening routine:

  • Technology break: turn off 2 hours before desired bed time to allow your mind to transition into a resting state. Turn your electronics on night mode so that when you do glance at them, the light isn’t disrupting you.

  • Plan: give yourself a guideline for the next day’s flow so you can make less decisions in the AM.

  • Ambient atmosphere: get cozy with soft, warm lighting & candles.

  • Relaxing activities: writing, reading, crocheting, knitting.

  • Aromatherapy: lighting incense or using essential oils before bed will help you associate the scents with sleep.

  • Meditation: guided or self intuitive, allow yourself to surrender to peaceful energy.

  • Water cleansing: reset your body with cleansing waters in a bath or shower. Add herbs for extra love!

  • Journal:reflect or process, give gratitude for your day, & set an intention for tomorrow.

  • Evening beverage: tea after dinner for digestion or a little later for sleep aid. Explore teas, golden milk, herbal tea lattes & adding a little ghee to your warm evening drink.

  • Abhyanga: massage the body (or just your feet) with warm, nourishing oil. This practice instantly sends love to your nervous system aiding in sleep, mood & well being.

  • Yin Yoga: release any extra tension from the day & let your body become a vessel.

We hope this list helps you envision a lovely evening routine that pleases your self care needs! Night is a special time to be enjoyed. May you be inspired to create your own evening routine that is close to your heart & nourishes you for every next day.


With love,

Erica & Tatiana

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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