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Resetting the Soul

June 29, 2021 7 min read


Guided by the astrological season of Cancer among us now, (since June 22nd), we invite you to embrace yin energy along with the sweet, softness of life.

Although Summer is a time of activity, we are caught in the middle by the inward reset of Cancer. Just coming out of social Gemini season, you may feel the urge to withdraw into your shell or home. The timely nature of cancer season has inspired this blog, however, these principles can be applied whenever you are seeking solace within yourself.

Lately, I’ve found it quite challenging to simply relax. In the time I take for myself to move slowly, my thoughts cycle about the should’s in life. Instead of believing that I can take a whole day away from my to-do list - I’m caught up in my feelings about projects, tasks & all the daunting things I should be getting done. This is a productivity overload mindset & I’m finding that it does more harm than good! Part of the human experience is to recognize that our bodies & minds are tired. To indulge in the coziness of being is how I reset this mindset.

Below are different ways to begin easing into the flow of life… for a time when life begins to pile on & you need remembrance on how to come back to your sacred self.

Connect to your Nest


The perfect place to retreat is your home. Sometimes, nature tops the indoors for a sense of tranquility - but it is equally as important to find solace within the safe space of your sacred nest. For me, home used to be my biggest avoidance. We all grow up with very intimate feelings about home. The memories entail what the environment was like for us individually. Now is a time to reconstruct your space into a haven (if you haven’t already). Whether you live alone, with roommates, or with your family - it is imperative to have parts of your home that you authentically enjoy. I’m talking about the space in which you are aesthetically pleased! The decor is on point, the music is your vibe, you are cozy & most importantly - you can be yourself. This means all of your emotional aspects are welcomed in this space. As the emotions usually flow through us with an impact, it’s quite necessary to have a space in which you can transmute them. Nesting is a term referencing the ritual of setting up space in which you may be your truest, authentic self in any phase of your cycle. This could mean emotional cycle, menstrual cycle, human cycle, anything. Clear out the clutter, create an ambiance & do what you love in this space.

Strengthen your Intuition

When it all becomes too much, go within to silence the chatter of the outside world. As sensory stimulation grows into overwhelm, we are able to reset our intuitive senses by slowing down. Going inwards is a process of trusting & having faith.Chances are, you know exactly what you need & it is the constant stimulation that halts those inner messages from being heard. So welcome the invitation of taking a break. Take a break from texting, from stimulating music, from planning, from working, from giving to others, from creating… and allow the stillness to speak to you. You may want to consult an oracle deck or journal your thoughts. Lately, I’ve trusted the process of speaking to myself in the mirror by candlelight to allow the genuine flow of my thoughts. Once you start to hear the messages from within & begin to share your attention with them, they will strengthen in presence. Begin to trust yourself by listening & taking acti0n on what may arise for you. You could say that intuition is a skill to strengthen with practice.

Increase Empathy

Another way to calm the intensities of your own life is to zoom out of your micro dramas. It’s very easy to dive into our own mini-worlds & get caught up in every situation. Life tends to be a powerful rollercoaster of emotions & narratives. Feel free to pause the ride & jump off when the wind begins to pick up too much.

If you are too caught up in your own life, it helps to embark on the journey of empathy. Taking into consideration what another is experiencing can help you to feel deeper. It’s a way of melting off the hint of ego that is so focused on just you. Take note of the emotions that others are carrying. Maybe they will do well with a listening ear and someone to reflect ideas back to. Usually, we gain clarity through helping others with their own dilemmas. Once we speak our issues out loud, we also get the reflection of receptivity & acceptance. It is a mutually beneficial exchange.

Schedule Time Off


Lessening the experience of overwhelm is a process that takes true honesty with oneself. Are you agreeing to too many commitments? Are your days filled with many unenjoyable tasks? Do you feel like you’re living a life that just gets you from task to task without loving the journey? These are key reflections of a sign that you need to take your life back. Take your life back from expectations & just live - have moments to just be. If you have trouble with “just being”, set aside time in your schedule to allow this freedom. Maybe it’s a whole day to yourself, a morning, an evening, or possibly just an hour that nothing is expected of you. The to-do list doesn’t exist for this time. You don’t have any texts to answer. Your mind is free to explore its vast depths. You have no judgments on yourself for laying on the Earth & looking up at the sky. You are practicing true presence & this is your meditation.

Tune into the Moon

Is it cliché to look up the current moon phase & sign when shit hits the fan? Hellooo, why is this happening? - I believe it means we have just forgotten that the whole Universe plays a part in our tiny little lives. When rather, we tend to picture our lives as the whole Universe. Zoom out. All the way 0ut into space! There is a sense of relief when tuning into the moon cycle & recognizing which energies are at play. We are not crazy, we’re just in tune t0 our surrounding energies! It is actually an aptitude to not take these energies for granted. I think of it as “getting ahead”. Instead of playing catch up with the universal energies, begin by tracking the new & full moon each month. Do a quick 5 minutes search & write down some keywords or ideas relating to each moon. This will help your soul to get a better innerstanding of navigating life during these times.

Emotional Acceptance

If you’re feeling the need to reset, it is likely that emotions are stirring. The practice of self-study comes into play to transmute them. We don’t always have to analyze our mental states, but we can simply observe them to gain clarity. Dive deep, or stay on the surface, but it is worthwhile to acknowledge anything that comes up for you. You don’t even have to know what to do with them, acceptance is the first step. Let them be felt in order to clear space within your subtle body. You may also release specific emotions through ritual, bodywork, somatic healing & so forth.

Seek Support

Chances are, people love you. They want to see you succeed & they want to help if they learn they have the opportunity to do so. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to reach out, just by knowing someone will be there for you. You still have to navigate your own emotions & acknowledge what you truly want & need. You have to know what you’re asking for, even if it is simply a soul to listen & reflect your ideas to. If you rather not reach out to someone you personally know, consider finding a therapist or free counseling service in your community. Sometimes the act of speaking your troubles out loud to another & hearing your own voice is all you need.

Honor your Interests


It is very easy to get caught up in the drama of linear time. No time for your hobbies? Well, there is…you just have to make it a priority. Even if it’s one hour a week to dive into something you’re interested in - it is important. Your soul seeks these quirky crafts that make you unique. Whether you want to crochet, collage, weld, write, cook, garden, etc, your soul needs this outlet. Start by giving yourself at least one hour a week to play. These cravings you have are what fuels your youthfulness. The more you honor these parts of you, the more you will feel at ease. The cravings will be recognized & turn into a part of your routine that you enjoy. Life is all too serious most of the time, so we must train ourselves to lessen the intensity. Dive into your passions with no expectations except to be present with them.

Treat Yourself

When life gets a bit too serious, remember that it’s all a game in essence. You are the player & you can create your life to be however you want! This doesn’t mean it is as simple as turning on the switch & starting to experience paradise. You most likely have some mindset work to do to clear the path. There is healing to be done, but there is also time to play & have fun! The more we fill our days with treats, the more we get to enjoy playfulness. If you have a long workday ahead of you, start to plan little treats into your day. Spread them out after at least an hour of work. A treat can be anything you enjoy: a latte or nice tea, dessert, a workout break, a walk in nature, a swim, watching an episode, having a mini dance party, or taking a bath. Inviting treats into your life is a way of showing yourself that your happiness & wellbeing is a priority. You are worth it!

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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