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Reflecting on the Heart

February 17, 2021 7 min read

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that uncertainty is the only constant in life. We may intend, try, progress, step back & soar but we are always in the flow of the universe. To live along the path of least resistance & most intention is a fine balancing act.

Mainstream holidays are either very heart warming or triggering depending on your current state & past memories. Some of you may find a certain holiday to be sweet from past memories or bitter because of more recent ones. Some of you may hold pain in your heart in relation to certain holidays on your timeline; basically, everything is subjective.

Oh, Valentine's Day, the day of expressing love. We know, love is meant to be expressed daily & not reserved for hallmark capitalism. Yet, we want to collaboratively explore what this Valentine's Day brought up for you. This may sound uncomfortable or yummy (again, subjective), but we feel it's important to take a moment & drop into the reality of your heart. If this V-Day sucked, don't worry - we have self connection prompts to make you feel like you're oh so complete on your own. We're also going to share how to make all your relationships feel like chocolate covered strawberries, rather than just saving the sweetness in your life for romantic partners.

Perhaps you spent this Valentine’s Day in the arms of a loved one, cuddling your baby/cat/dog, eating a divine feast, indulging in pleasure, crying, or stuck in a void of mourning the heart's memories. Either way, find comfort in the fact that not every V-Day will be the same & you can handle every possible reality! You have the power to ignore the holiday or embrace it, no matter the state of your relationship to others - because you will always have your S e l f.

As a collective, we have to start being more than okay with being single. Two is not better than one if the two are in disharmony.Who else has watched every "solid" relationship in their life shatter this year? For me, it was my own AND everyone around me. If you're happily in a safe, nourishing relationship at this time, congratulations! You've earned it.  And if you are freshly single, congratulations! You have been blessed with a chance at self discovery that's been calling to your soul.

Heartbreak is TOUGH. Usually, one feels like they are dying while going through the process of pulling apart from the one that was so close to them. Essentially, a part of you is dying through this process. And another part if you is waiting to be birthed. Just because a romantic relationship has ended, does not mean that you must only feel hurt from the experience as a whole. There are things that you learned through this person & your connection together. Maybe you learned about yourself & what you truly do or don't want in a partner/life. Maybe you have healed parts of yourselves together & now it's time to embrace the next part of your journey as you say "thank you, goodbye". Either way, life plays out in cycles. We are constantly dying, rebirthing - releasing & absorbing - laughing & crying. We usually get fixated on the good & never want it to end. Yet, this desire usually creates blind spots in our vision. But your heart always knows which way you deserve to travel.

We as a collective usually give the most to our children & romantic partners. It's the social structure we've familiarized ourselves with through history - but how strong can you imagine our communities to be if we held our other relationships in such a high place of the heart as well?

Learning how to prioritize your relationship with your Self is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting what you deserve out of life & rewriting old, patterns waiting to be healed. It is an essential step on the path forward in life. Have you felt that its easier to nurture others than it is yourself? Are you ready to offer love & support to others while having difficulty asking for support from those same people?

Sitting with oneself in whole hearted honesty is a skill worth mastering. This is part of tapping into your intuitive powers. Sometimes, living as a human can either feel like a huge weight, or a gift - it's up to you to remember that it is a gift. It’s not always easy, but the more we nurture our core relationships, the more we grow closer to a whole heart full of love. How can you enhance the feeling of being blessed in your daily life? By gifting yourself sweet moments!

Ways to show sweetness to yourself in daily life:

  • Smile more often! In the mirror, with your eyes clothes, holding your own hand, hands over your heart, etc. find a moment to rejoice in the joy of smiling.

  • Nourish yourself with food! Do you need a sweet treat for energy, a clean meal for clarity, or a break from your usual diet to reset? Either option allows for a moment to tune in & thank this fuel for joining your vessel.

  • Herbal enhancements! Herbs are a magical offering of the Elements' to us waiting to be enjoyed. Would you like to open your heart, be gentle, enhance focus, nourish your reproductive system, gain mental clarity, heal emotions? Thank them & take with intention.

  • Use your words! Spelling out your appreciations is a powerful way to raise the vibration. Heighten your sense of self engagement by writing praise to yourself or speaking affirmations into existence.

  • Take a break! How often do you allow yourself to just stand, walk, sit or lay down? Pause all the commotion to give your body & soul a moment to catch up to your intentions. You mean well, but so does rest.

  • Brighten your space! Clear clutter, add flowers, sweet colors, intriguing textures & sensual scents to spruce up the environment in which you work or reside.

  • Take a deep breath! Chances are, you could use some more oxygen in your life. Take in that fresh prana to enliven your body & soul.

  • Reflect your inner truth!Writing or typing in a way that allows you to flow unfiltered is such a healing way to let emotions pour out of you. Much discomfort in our bodies & minds comes from the suppression of emotions. Let the thought process go & just flow. Get ready to hold space for yourself & simply let it all go.

  • Thank YOU! Have a moment to thank your body for all that it guides you to do. Your hands for literally everything, your feet for transporting you, your lungs for keeping you alive, your heart for guiding you, your digestive organs for transforming food into fuel… This one holds endless gratitude!

  • Mini Massage! Treat yourself to a well deserved massage of your choice. Since this is a daily self love action, start small with something attainable like a foot or hand massage. Use natural oils attuned to your intention.

  • Remember your power!Give yourself some time each day to zoom out your perspective & truly remember your divine power as a soul being. Day to day life is a journey of highs & lows, yet you are here for specific reasons that are playing out. You are a gift to this world, what would you like to offer?

These tools allow you to show simple acts of self care through deepening your connection to yourself.

Ways to enhance your platonic relationships:

  • Share sweet words!How often do you send sweet words to your dearest ones? Send a letter or cute text of appreciation to the ones you are thinking about. Your message may brighten their day beyond your knowing :)

  • Tender touch! Our skin has so many nerves of sensory stimulation that we tend to either love touch or avert it. Creating a safe space to share touch with your friends is a beautiful way to share love. Caress their hair, extend your hugs or give a forearm massage of appreciation to get into your bodies & share sweetness. When was the last time you were able to spoon your bestie at a sleepover?? The more we normalize consensual, platonic touch, the less we rely on unhealthy romantic relationships for such a basic human need.

  • Eat together!Coming together over food is an ancient way of connecting to others. We commonly celebrate with food & loved ones, but try to make some time for a simple meal that doesn't take too much work so that you can enjoy more sweet moments with your beloveds.

  • Small gifts!Everyone feels better knowing that they are in the hearts of others. Gift some flowers, something handmade, a crystal, an essential oil, literally anything that you think the person will enjoy.

  • Offer your skills! Knowing that a friend is down or if you simply want to appreciate them, you could definitely offer something of your specialty like a massage, childcare date, a meal cooked with love, or literally whatever your area of expertise offers.

  • Read together! A special way to connect could be diving into the same book together. Align to choose something with your dual intent & give yourselves a timeline to check in & finish the book by. Have a weekly discussion & share some tea to grow closer through common interests & learning. (easily done through online sources as well)!

  • Creation time! We all have ways we enjoy creating. Whether you & your buddy enjoy writing, painting, playing music, making herbal remedies or pampering yourselves with at home spa time, make some time to come together & let your inner children play.

These tools allow you to intentionally build intimacy with those dearest to you.

With love,

Erica & Tatiana

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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