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Pulling Cards: Divine Guidance

August 10, 2021 4 min read


Oracle decks are a vessel in which we can explore our subconscious. They assist us in connecting to the universe as a whole by offering guidance.

Have you ever pulled a card that was so perfect for your situation? Upon pulling it you instantly felt connected, seen, and heard?

When you tune into the realm of guidance from the cards, you are accessing a place in your heart of inner knowing. The cards may represent a mirror into your subconscious mind, reflecting what you know deep down inside. Each deck is different & when you choose a deck you are connecting to its theme. Let’s explore different ways of seeking guidance through the cards!

How to Pull Cards

1) Tune In

Come into a comfortable space in which you can relax. If you are home, set a space to have a sacred feeling. If you are out in nature, get comfy & take in the beauty around you. Settle into the Earth & feel its support all around you. As you inhale slowly, connect to the Ether above you, pulling prana down into your body. Take a few more slow, deep breaths. Connect to whichever source you are asking for guidance from. If it is your spirit guides, invite them into your space. If it is your ancestors or a being that has passed, call them forth. Clearly state that you are “only inviting energies of pure loving intention”. This creates a safe circle of support for your experience. Give thanks & appreciation.


2) Set an Intention

As you tune in, questions may arise for you to ask or perhaps you already knew exactly what you want to know going into this. If you are not certain, feel free to journal in the sacred space to navigate your thoughts & gain clarity. I like to reset the deck by holding it in my hands & knocking 3 times on it. Then I hold the deck to my heart as I ask a question. I prefer to speak out loud, but you may also keep your voice internal when you ask.

3) Be Open to Receive

When we open ourselves up to the higher energies of guidance, we are agreeing to have an open heart of receptivity. Even though the answers are coming through your own subconscious, try to set your ego aside. I have definitely had moments where I didn’t resonate with a pulled card & felt some type of way about it. Sometimes the messages that come through are more about an awakening rather than a comforting resonance. The more you can be open, the more honest the reading will be.

4) Questions

Asking questions during a reading can be as broad or specific as you’d like. Some examples include:

What message do I need in this moment? What will align me with my highest self? What is the next step I need to take? How can I best take care of myself right now?

How am I doing in my relationships right now? What should I embody with my partner? What should I embody with my family? How can I let go of someone that I need to release?

What does the next phase of my life require of me? How can I advance in my career? Where am I meant to live? How should I address a certain conflicting situation?

5) Reflect


Sometimes the image on the card or the initial words are plenty for interpretation before diving into the guidebook. I like to intuitively take in the meaning just from the card before I begin reading. This gives me a chance to tune into my intuition & have the answers come through me. Then upon reading the guidebook, I will let it all sink in. Card readings don’t always make sense instantly. Sometimes it comes to you a few hours, days or weeks later & it just clicks! Sometimes the answers are instant & you feel immediate resonance. Either way, take a moment to let this information into your heart. Perhaps you’d like to journal or meditate upon your reading, or even share the insights with a friend.

6) Integrate

Integration is an important part of receiving messages. It lets your spirit guides know that you trust them and are honoring the communicative relationship you have built or are building. Once reflected, take actions to integrate these ways of aligning your life with your true heart’s intentions. If you got the message to rest more, plan a day to yourself that is easy with minimal responsibilities. If you got the message to practice nonjudgment, begin with compassion towards yourself for not being “perfect”. If you got the message to eat cleaner, start by hydrating well & incorporating fresh fruit into your day. Ilove to leave the cards out that I pulled as reminders for the messages I received. Plus, they are beautiful, artistic accentuations to my home.

When to Pull Cards


You can truly pull cards at any time. If you take these steps to have an intentional reading, your outcome will be more resonant. You can either be feeling great or not so great to do a card reading. I usually pull out my cards for gatherings, new & full moons, or when I genuinely need help navigating a circumstance. You can pull cards for yourself or even guide others through this process. Each deck focuses on a specific source of universal wisdom (the themes). We hope you have so much fun exploring with An Ayurvedic Path oracle deck!

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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