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Nourish with Ghee

December 08, 2020 4 min read


It’s time to praise GHEE!

Most of us love ghee & add it to almost everything we eat: from bread to stews, tea lattes to mashed potatoes - ghee can be drizzled or infused into any warm food or beverage. Butter has a richness that gives a sense of indulgence to the taste buds, as if one were eating savory ice cream. While ghee is made from butter, it has a different energy to its qualities, which shifts it from indulgence into nourishment.

We can’t mention ghee without directly connecting its essence to Ojas!

Ojas is formed through proper nourishment of the body tissues, spirit & mind. It is our vitality. Through honoring our temple & dharma (life purpose), we build up our protective body & protective aura. Strong ojas means strong immunity. Strong ojas means strong boundaries. When your ojas is healthy, you are not easily swayed by your environment & are able to use discernment to determine which energies are your own & which are trying to penetrate through you. Ghee is “the single most ojas producing food on earth,” according to Maya Tiwari, renowned author & creator of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, Mother Om Mission & the Living Ahimsa Foundation. 

Ghee is held so tightly in the hearts of many for it's infinite health benefits:

  • Rasayana: builds the tissues of the body through nourishment

  • Tonic to the nervous system

  • Helps with the mind, digestion & overall bodily function

  • Brings moisture to the body, internally & externally (ingest or use topically)

  • Helps memory & focus

  • Enhances herbal qualities when infused together & used as the carrier

  • Is lactose free & easy to digest

  • Has a high smoke point for cooking & can be used in baking as well as sauteing

  • Contains butyric acid which repairs intestinal cells

  • A classical part of ayurvedic medicine that connects us to its roots

  • One of the healthiest saturated fats

  • Helps the body against cancer & diabetes

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Helps to regulate body fat 

  • Keeps well at room temperature & is easy to make!

 Think back to how long ago you began your ghee journey...

The first time I heard about ghee in class, it was a moment of curiosity & excitement. My teacher had an authentic giddiness while mentioning ghee to us, as if there were so much beauty & secret wisdom to unravel. There was! I had never heard of it before this moment. At the time, I wasn’t eating dairy so I was curious as to how a form of butter could be so revered. In the Ayurveda world, the sooner you find ghee, the better (than butter)!

The impact on the nervous systemhappens to be one of my favorite aspects. Being of Vata nature & having a tendency towards Vata imbalance, my life had led me to struggle with severe, debilitating anxiety. Vata had accumulated & relocated to depleting my nervous system. When vata moves into the nervous system, one experiences a lack of grounding, high anxiety, trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing, being sensitive to sound & light, feeling shaky, difficulty being in one’s body, disconnection in a group setting & a lack in sense of self among other specific insecurities. 

While working with an Ayurvedic Practitioner at this time, I was getting phenomenal support in creating healthy routines to support my Vata. I also felt that I needed to take extra measures & shift my dietary needs as well. I began incorporating the grounding foods recommended for Vata such as root veggies, soups, broths, grains, oils, meat & dairy. To be honest, I believe this is what helped me the most. The feeling of being hollow in my body & ready to float away lessened. I felt the bones in my body as support, I felt more dense & grounded. I finally felt nourished. 


I began to make my own ghee because I found it less expensive than store bought ghee. A simple financial factor turned into a beautiful practice. I found a local supplier in town for grass-fed butter. I enjoyed the ritual of going to pick up the local butter, cutting it into smaller pieces, loading up a pot & watching it cook down. Knowing the sacred reverence for making ghee, I also had an awareness of being mindful of the energy while cooking. Upon straining the ghee & seeing its golden essence in a jar, I always know I did well. Ghee lasts a while, so I always make a lot! I get at least 3 lbs. of butter at a time. :)

When you love ghee, you want to share it with everyone, especially loved ones. I got a rescue pup who is very sensitive to energy, noise & commotion. He fears anything loud & abrupt. Even though he is extremely playful & energetic, his nervous system was affected by his previous traumas. Usually, one feeds their dog kibble & canned food, as I did too in the beginning. I slowly began adding ghee to his food & heating up the wet food. Then I went all out & started home cooking all of his food & adding the ghee to it! His demeanor has shifted for the best. He’s more outgoing & less skittish. I give credit to the ghee!

Making ghee became a new favorite Full Moon Ritual activity! Aligning with the potent creation energy of the full moon enhances ghee. We encourage you to play sattvic music in the kitchen, add crystals around the stove & infuse love into your medicine. Enjoy solo ghee making or invite your loved ones & friends to join you. Making ghee is a meditation when you focus on the presence of your energy while creating. We love any chance to drop into a meditative activity that grows our connection closer to Sattva (divinity, purity, balance). 

Enjoy the magic of ghee. :)

with love,
Tatiana & Erica

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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