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New Moon, New You

November 11, 2020 3 min read

Welcome to a New Moon, the middle of the season & a time for new transitions. This new moon in Scorpio is all about getting in touch with your desires.The water sign's emotional connection will enhance your passionate desires with intention. With Scorpio's added will power, we are encouraged to actualize our dreams into a tangible reality.

This is a great time to gain clarity in your vision.

Your potential at this time is very high. Tune in to your essence. You know what you want & what you truly deserve (which is a lot), now is the time to act on it!Things are falling apart & coming together all at the same time, depending on how you look at it. How resourceful can you be in calling in what you want with what you already have? You may be reassessing relationships at this time, so sit with the awareness of how much energy you'd like to spend on others & how much you need for yourself. What can you learn to give yourself that you appreciate from others? Think of how to manage your energy efficiently as well. Which habits are a coping mechanism that don’t really serve your best interest? How can you align with your purpose & goals while letting go of those tempting tendencies? It’s a time to get clear, focus & actively work towards your desired experience of life. We encourage you to really zero in on 1 or 2 specific goals & not spread yourself too thin.

Pluto is Scorpio's ruling planet; that being said, it is also the "lord of the underworld". All this really means is to be aware of the shadows that may arise during this time, within yourself or within others. Although something may seem dark, it may just be a reminder to embrace death. Let things die away that are no longer meant to be, in order to allow divine creation to take place. Then you'll really have something to celebrate. :)

As we choose to let go, or maybe even have others let go of us, it’s important to remember love, compassion & forgiveness. No one is perfect & letting go is one of the hardest detachments as humans. You may have had intentions that are shifting - love. You may have made promises you can't keep & aren't aligned with now - compassion. You may be embracing a new path & outgrowing the old - forgiveness.

Remember love, compassion & forgiveness.

Through all the excitement of vision journeying & manifesting, it’s still a good idea to have some reverence for your dreams. Allow mystery to take place & surprise you. You will do well by sharing your goals with your close circle, but it is also enjoyable to keep certain details like sacred secrets close to your heart.

Cards from An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck to relate to this theme:

  • Live with Intention: honor your true desires that relate to your soul’s purpose & act accordingly.

  • Vision Board: have fun filling your subconscious with visuals of your dream life.

  • Affirmation Creation:use the soulful repetition of words to (wo)manifest what you desire.

  • Mantra Vibration:get in tune with the vibration of your intentions by matching with the vibrational language of Sanskrit.

  • Sacred Space: create your own oasis to recharge, tune in & nurture yourself.

  • Emotional Embrace: sit with yourself & your emotions in order to hold yourself exactly where you are.

  • Inner Child: tune into your true essence; who were you & what were your interests before the demands of growing up took your attention?

  • Intentional Flow:allow energy to flow & release from your body by letting go of structure & having your body guide you.

May you shed the old & step into your fullest potential.

With love,
Tatiana & Erica

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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