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Mudras: Gestures for Transformation

June 15, 2021 4 min read

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There are many avenues to invoke specific spiritual energies. Whether we choose to work with chakras, herbs, asanas, pranayama, mudras & more - we are choosing a pathway to invite certain energies into our field for alignment. In my practice of life, mudras have been the missing link to meditation for me. I do not enjoy sitting still with no focus to my energy. I started with guided meditations, but sometimes I don’t want to hear anything. Sometimes I truly crave stillness & silence. Mudras gave me the mental focus to attune to a specific intention during my meditation. They also guide my hands in times of restlessness rather than reaching for my phone!

Getting in touch with the subtle energies of the hands is a powerful way to connect with your inner creator.

Our hands hold infinite powers as we create with them all day long. As we grab for what we desire & create a path to our dream realities, we put our intentions to action with our hands. We feed ourselves, offering nourishment. We clean ourselves, clearing our energy. We make art, fulfilling our souls. All-day long, our hands are guided by the spirit within us. Getting in touch with the subtle energies of the hands is a powerful way to connect with your inner creator. The potential energy to birth your desires flows through your hands.

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What are Mudras?

In Sanskrit, Mudra translates to “gesture”, “seal”, “signature” or “attitude”. These meanings interpret mudras to be the piece of completion in an intentional meditation. Invoking through a mudra is a way of guiding energy without verbal language. It is an enhancement of “tuning in”. A mudra seals the energy cycling within your body to assist you in focusing.

Many statues or depictions of sacred deities that we see are holding mudras. Even the religious gesture of prayer hands before the heart is a mudra. Mudras are very directly tied to emotional healing. They invoke energy into the spiritual & psychological bodies of awareness. Connected to the subtle realm, they move past the limitations of the mind. Just as the Rishi’s, ancient sages of India, brought us Ayurveda, they also gifted us the awareness of mudras. In yoga or meditation classes, you likely have been guided into Gyan Mudra (or Jnana Mudra) by touching the index finger to the thumb while letting your other fingers relax outward. This specific, common mudra, is the gesture of higher knowledge for awakening the ability to clearly see. This mudra invites you to witness yourself & your connection to the Universe.

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Mudras may be connected through the use of the whole body. But mudras through the use of the hands are the most attainable. Each finger relates to one of the 5 elements, therefore we can create great balance of the elements through our hands. In order from thumb to pinky, they are Fire, Air, Ether, Earth, Water. Mudras awaken parts of ourselves that lie dormant & we desire to know. Through mudras, we have access to calling forth that which we desire to embody.

Mudras direct the breath to specific areas within the body. This increases pranic life force energy to these areas for increased healing. An increase in pranic energy leads to the removal of blockages in our subtle body, allowing energy to flow freely. You may begin to explore mudras in order to balance your chakras, elements, nadis, organs & mental health!

How to Incorporate Mudras

Choose a core quality or intention that you would like to invoke - perhaps it’s to gain clarity, enhance focus, ease depression, increase vitality or settle into relaxation. Look up which mudras correlate to your intention. Use your intuition to guide you, as a variety may apply. Mudras complement each other to enhance core qualities. Come up with an affirmation to emotionally connect to the mudra. Practice the mudra with your hands & attune to your intention. Sit with your mudra in meditation & say your affirmation aloud or silently. Keep eyes open gazing at a candle flame, your own reflection, or close them to go inwards. Breathe into the intention of the mudra you are holding. Allow the prana to flow through your entire essence.

You may practice mudra sessions throughout the day. I prefer to begin my day with this guided intention & then again, practice in the evening before bed. I use mudras as an invitation to the day & a closing into the evening. I also practice mudras throughout the day if I am idle for a moment rather than choosing to pick up my phone.

My favorite resource for mudras is a book called Mudras: for Healing & Transformationby Joseph & Lilian Le Page. This book was created with great research & thought for every mudra included. There is a wonderful intro to mudra work along with an affirmation & guided meditation to each mudra presented.

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Common Intentions with Mudras

Increase Vitality
Ease Depression
Gain Clarity
Enhance Focus
Ease Headaches
Self Empowerment
Awakening Chakras
Invigorating Elements
Alleviating Anxiety
Trusting Yourself
Specific Organ Health
Global Healing
Cultivating Faith

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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