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Let It Flow

September 01, 2020 3 min read


As summer months begin to fade, we slowly transition into the darker time of the year. Circumstances in our lives are changing faster than ever, and our energy is shifting along with them. We wish to share with you an astrological insight on the current placement of the Full Moon in Pisces alongside the Virgo Sun to help best guide these times & the emotions that come along with it!

Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo.This is truly a time when emotions are heightened. We all know Pisces to be the sensitive, intuitive, emotional & creative sign (I’m a pisces too hehe, and I’m writing from instinct.) So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotions or a sense of doubt in yourself, it’s time to use the power of rational Virgo influencing the Sun. Pisces is an extremely etheric energetic influence. Being in touch with your dreams, instinct, creative flow & feelings can either bring you clarity at this time or feel like a heavy weight, depending on who/where you are. Virgo is all about practicality, being rational, making plans, & following up with action.

Just as Ayurveda teaches that healing comes from a place of soul recognition; we may all be working with different aspects of these energies. If you are already an etheric person, get ready to pull some grounding practicality out of your tool belt to bring forth balance. Incorporating the Earth & Fire elements through routine, plan & action will guide you towards a clear path. Use your heightened intuition to feel into what is truly right for you at this time (of constant change) and come up with a plan in order to achieve it. Set some goals (along with dates!) & begin to align with this new path emerging.

As energetic times are high, some soul shadow work will be more apparent relating to insecurities & difficulty adjusting to new things. The only thing certain in life is change, so we must learn how to embrace it in order to really be our best selves. Resistance usually brings upon pain. In high etheric energy, Vata is rising. Vata brings upon feelings of anxiety, insecurity, self doubt & fear of the unknown. Yet, cultivating faith is the save all of these tendencies. Have faith that you are supported, you are aligning for the best, & that you deserve blessings - remind yourself throughout all the shifts! :)

Suggestions from An Ayurvedic Path to navigate the waves of emotions:


Rewards of Gratitude: acknowledge all of your blessings to raise your vibration

Emotional Embrace: navigate emotions that arise as clues to a deeper meaning of your current state

Sacred Space:create safe, sacred, enjoyable space for you to express, reset & relax in

Earth: absorb the grounding energy through your hands or bare feet

Lavish Love: soothe the nervous system by lovingly applying warm oil to the body & massaging yourself

Nature Immersion: spend time healing with mother earth’s compassionate energy & insight

Soul-Full Community: seek comfort & support through your loved ones

Dance It Out:release stagnant or confused energy through freely dancing

Infuse Love:nourish yourself by infusing intentional love into your food to fuel you for the day

Affirmation Creation: intentionally speak your alignment into reality

Suggestions from An Ayurvedic Path to encourage intuition:


Dazed Dreamer:record your dreams to dive into their insights & decipher your experiences in the ether

Cosmic Conception: feel the expansiveness of the fruitful universe & connect with her to birth your heart’s desires

Live With Intention: set your heart on a meaningful path by discerning what actions align with your soul’s purpose

Inner Inquiry: journey inwards to release limitations & connect with your deepest potential

Vision Board:bring vision to your path by gathering images & words that align with your goals

Cultivate Silence: let silence bring you a new way of receiving cosmic downloads; learn to sit with yourself in peace rather than filling space with constant sound

Free Flow: grab your journal and release your inhibitions as you free-flow your thoughts & emotions - uncensored

Air:use intentional breathing to balance out the mind & body

Ether: dive deep into your connection with source energy to expand


We send you love & encouragement on the journey of self-discovery & exploration! May the wonders of Ayurveda be your tools. :)

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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