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January Ritual Reading✨

January 11, 2022 2 min read

Welcome to January's Ritual Reading from An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck! Let's start the new year with self-love, positive affirmations, and a sacred environment to reside in. We pulled three cards to help guide us through the month of January. Enjoy!


Love Letter: 

How often do you give thanks & appreciation to yourself? Instead of telling others how much you care for & appreciate them – share that love with yourself. This week, we invite you to write a love letter to Self!

Is there anything you need to hear in this moment? Is there anything you feel shame or guilt around that needs to be addressed with understanding & compassion? Make peace with yourself. This can be a great way to offer forgiveness, validation, gratification, and the chance to reflect on your general awesomeness.😎

You may not be used to addressing yourself in this way; it may bring up discomfort & self-consciousness. Set your doubts aside & allow this to be a time for you to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Do not be afraid to pour your heart into this love letter – make it as gushy & heartfelt as possible. Watch how transformative the practice of expressing self-love is & rest in the sweet tenderness of an open heart.


Affirmation Creation:

Our thoughts & words create vibrations that are then sent out to the Universe. We can rewrite doubtful patterns, traumas & ancestral wounds by speaking new, affirmative truths – not to mask, but to heal the pains. Choose a sentence, or affirmation, in alignment with what you want to manifest & actively speak your intentions into reality.

As you speak the affirmation, it is important to feel it in your body. First, notice where you store negative beliefs physically: is there fear in your stomach, or unworthiness in your chest? Be kind & gentle with yourself. If there is fear in your stomach, practice feeling safe & boundless as you repeat the affirmation, “I am courageous.” If there is a heaviness in your chest with a feeling of unworthiness, practice feeling light & filled with love as you repeat the affirmation, “I am worthy.”

Your thoughts set the stage for your life. What are you going to instill into the one you were given?

Sacred Space:

Your environment has a profound effect on your mood. Having a messy & cluttered environment may lead to (or be the product of) a messy & cluttered mind – resulting in added stress. Transform the spaces you spend time in with the intention of having them be a sacred, enjoyed environment.

Look at your surroundings & notice the atmosphere of the spaces you spend a lot of your time in – may it be your home, office, car, kitchen, patio, or even outdoors. How does the environment feel? Is it cluttered, messy & dirty? Or is it clean, organized, & filled with objects you love? Taking the time to clean & organize shows that you have made yourself a priority.

You may notice your space is filled with an accumulation of things that no longer serve you. Allow yourself to assess this space & its contents as you continue to shift. Get rid of what no longer resonates with you & replace them with items that uplift your spirit & fill you with love.

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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