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Intention & Flow

January 20, 2021 4 min read

Adaptation is a form of evolution. If we intend to move forward on our path, we must adapt along the way.

Last year taught us about transformational reality shifts. All that we thought was certain, took a different route. Maybe we eventually ended up in the same place as intended, or perhaps on the opposite side of the spectrum. Either way - we learned detrimental lessons on adaptation.

Resistance occurs when we are so set on something that we choose to not accept reality.  The ego made plans & wants to follow through - it’s very understandable as a human to be upset! But in order to move forward you must first step back & allow another lens of vision to take over. Take a moment to pause & ask yourself, "what is meant to happen here?".

When we are in flow, life has a beautiful way of surprising us with divine gifts.

Live in a state of beautiful balance between intention & flow:
Tune into your soul
Attune your intention with your heart
Melt into the feeling of alignment
Let it warm you
Come back to your body
Make an outlined plan
Have accountability
Check in along the way
Remain present yet focused
Always come back to intention
Be open to other avenues of acquiring the intended goal
Allow yourself to collaborate & ask for assistance
Seek opportunities to expand
Honor when you need to retreat
Hold space for the entirety of the process
You are on the path

We often get caught up in the details of life that we forget to return to our main intentions.

Intentions are the root reasons why we do something - the passion to actively align with our goals:
Your intention for eating less processed foods this year may be to honor your vessel.
Your intention for socializing less this year may be to dive into your creative gifts.
Your intention for getting to bed earlier this year may be to wake up with the sun & have a productive rising routine.

Your intention is what holds you strongly tied to your goals. It is the reason why you choose to sacrifice distractions & practice discipline. Your intention is what your soul is asking of you, and it is your responsibility to hold yourself accountable. Although intention is rooted in the soul, we must continue to check in with the heart - if intention becomes too connected to the head, we may forget to be in alignment with flow.

Ways to check in with your heart along the journey:
Am I making choices that align with my intention?
How am I honoring my intention today?
How much energy do I have towards my intention today?
Do I need a day off to just relax & rejuvenate?
Am I feeling depleted or fueled by my focus on intention?
How are my relationships doing at this time?
Do I need space away from people or to reach out to my community?
How can I honor my intention to be of service to the world?

Our society has a habit of setting New Year’s resolutions - yet as their intentions fade, their actions follow. The ambition is high in December & January for positive change. Momentum slows as we are flooded with life’s responsibilities. The intention is what will hold you to your goal. Creating structure with balance is a sure fire way of attaining your goals this year. When we fall off the wagon, we usually don’t have enough support or we aren’t making our goals realistic to the external world & where we reside at this time.

I invite you to invite kindness into your goal setting & attainment this year. We could all use more kindness to our hearts after the immense shedding of the soul we experienced last year.

Know that you are doing your best & if you feel that you aren’t, ask yourself what you need to reset. Are you doing too much? Do you need to condense your list? When our batteries are low, we have a tendency to turn towards frustration. This self frustration may also leak onto others. Are you projecting your own high standards onto other’s ways of living?This is when we need to check in with our relationships to see them as a reflection of our own wellbeing. Are you constantly annoyed by another’s habits? Do you disapprove of someone’s lifestyle choices? Are you bothered by your surroundings? If you are in this state of low Ojas, then you may need to reassess your own standards for yourself. Know that everyone is on their own journey & you don’t need to hold space for anyone else’s process - take some time away for yourself to reset. There will be times in your life that your circle will need to innerstand that you need time & space away to really zone in on your path. We are all warriors of life & sometimes need to dive into our training. Grant yourself and other’s the gift of acceptance.

With love,
Tatiana & Erica

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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