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Home is Where the Heart is

April 28, 2021 2 min read


Living a fulfilled life first starts in the physical realm with practical exercises. The way we treat and care for our physical environment reflects how we treat and care for ourselves. Is your home (or office, car, kitchen, patio, etc.) cluttered, messy, dirty, and randomly thrown together? Or is it clean, organized, filled with intention, and treated with respect?

Your environment has a profound effect on your mood. Having a messy and cluttered environment may lead to (or be the product of) a messy and cluttered life - resulting in added stress. Transform the spaces you spend time in with the intention of having them be a sacred, enjoyed environment.

How to create a sacred oasis in 4 simple steps:

Step 1:

Take inventory of your surroundings: is there anything you can let go of? This is a major theme of springtime (think spring cleaning!). Kapha energy tends to hold onto things even after they need to be released. We recently wrote a whole blog on the Art of Letting Go, which you can read here. Once we release, we can start anew.

Step 2:

Organize your space! Is there a proper flow to your environment? Set yourself up for success! When things have a proper 'home' we free up our time and energy. On an energetic level, when there is more flow and ease in your home, that ripples out into all aspects of your life.

Step 3:

Fill your space with objects that lift your spirits and fill you with love! This could mean incorporating more plants, pictures of loved ones, inspiring art, or even changing the dominant colors in your space. Tune into your heart with this one and ask it what it wants to be surrounded by.

Step 4:


Our favorite - NEST! It is important to have a place that you can retreat to and enjoy yourself without outside distractions calling your attention away. Candles, incense, essential oils, fluffy pillows, soft blankets, twinkly fairy lights, crystals - create those v i b e z z z and enjoy the retreat!ūüēĮ


Create an altar. This can be a space with photos of loved ones, spiritual teachers, sacred objects - whatever connects you to the divine in your life. It is a place for you to connect with the Universe, make offerings of gratitude and respect (with flowers, incense, or simply your energy), or ask for guidance and support. There are no rules or restrictions, this is simply a space for you to return to throughout your days.

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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