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Holistic Self-Care

October 27, 2020 3 min read


Our world is filtered through our senses - what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch create our reality.

When we are unconscious of what we intake through our senses it is likely that we are creating an imbalance. Our society emphasizes high stimulation: dramatic reality shows, bright and loud advertisements, intense flavors and foods (salty, sweet, spicy, fried, etc.), and the glamorization of over-working are just a few examples. Some of the side effects of this culture are de-sensitization, hyper activity, never feeling satisfied and constantly striving.

By bringing awareness to our senses and tapping back into our bodies we are able to reclaim our power. Underneath the density of our physical bodies resides our energetic/subtle bodies. When we are able to calm and soothe our senses and nervous systems we are more receptive to our energetic bodies. This allows us to get in touch with our intuition, meet our deepest needs, and have a fulfilling life.

By using the power of awareness to shift our environment we are able to live in alignment.

Knowledge is power. Ayurveda provides us with the tools to create balance in our lives. By understanding the qualities present in our surroundings we can learn how to shift them to align with our physical and energetic bodies. Let’s take a look at how the doshas and seasons affect our emotions, as well as some simple remedies:

  • Vata - the qualities of vata are cold, light, mobile, & dry. They are most heightened during the winter months. Some common emotional imbalances that result in excess vata are anxiety, fear, doubt, and lack of stability. We can bring balance to the vata dosha through heavy and moist foods, calming activities like taking baths or journaling, developing a routine, and spending time in nature.

  • Pitta - the qualities of pitta are hot, mobile, & oily. They are most heightened during the summer months. Some common emotional imbalances that result in excess pitta are anger, irritability, perfectionism, and tension. We can bring balance to the pitta dosha through cooling and dry foods, slow and restful activities like restorative yoga or walking a labyrinth, reading poetry, and moon gazing.

  • Kapha - the qualities of kapha are heavy, stable, & damp. They are most heightened during the spring months. Some common emotional imbalances that result in excess pitta are lethargy, feeling stuck, as well as lack of motivation and inspiration. We can bring balance to the kapha dosha through light and dry foods, stimulating activities like running or swimming, stepping out of our comfort zones, and visualizing accomplishing our wildest dreams.

Holistic self-care encompasses mind, body, & soul. Create rituals that cater to your individual needs depending on your dosha, the season, or your emotional state.

Ritual Soaks take bathing to the next level. Each soak contains a blend of salts, herbs, and essential oils to provide you with the nourishment you seek. Invite pleasure through all of your senses - you deserve it.

Ritual Mists are perfect for setting intentions & transforming your space.By the power of intention, you can shift your surroundings into a sacred one. Whether you need to soothe your mind, take a break, or uplift your spirits - these mists act as the perfect sacred tool.

Ritual Teas connect you to the medicinal plant spirits. As you connect the head & heart through this holistic practice, your mind & spirit align. Enjoy each sacred sip.

Ritual Melts use aromatherapy to bring balance to your state of mind. Allow the aromatic scents to permeate your space as each melt burns in all its herbal glory!

Our Holistic Self-Care Packages provide you with all of these sacred tools.They are the perfect gift to give yourself or someone you love.


As always, don’t forget the self-care staples:

  • Make your bed

  • Scrape your tongue & brush your teeth

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat foods high in prana

  • Move your body

  • Spend time doing what makes you happy

  • Get enough sleep

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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