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Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays

November 24, 2021 4 min read

The holidays have officially arrived! Along with coordinating travel plans, perfecting your go-to dish, and gathering with family and friends, it's time to start thinking about gifts! In this consumer-oriented society, it may be overwhelming to even figure out where to begin. We wanted to curate this holiday gift guide to help take some weight off your shoulders and shorten your to-do list. The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation, connection, and love (not stress and overwhelm!) and this guide is curated to help inspire just that!

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An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck

An Ayurvedic Path Oracle Deck is the perfect tool to kickstart your self-care rituals.

It contains 65 cards with prompts and actions to help you live in alignment with your True Nature. Following Ayurvedic principles, it is separated by the five elements. Below is an outline of each category, as well as some examples from each one.

Earth (lifestyle / self-care practices): tongue scrape, use a neti pot, create a bedtime routine.
Water (journal exercises): start a gratitude journal, write a love letter to yourself, commune with nature.
Fire (healthy eating guidelines): take three deep breaths before each meal, eat without distractions, rest afterwards to help with digestion.
Air (playful activities): play a musical instrument, make a vision board, step outside of your comfort zone!
Ether (sensory therapies): receive or give a massage, explore aromatherapy, attend a sound bath. 

From practical exercises to mushy heart-felt ones, the deck covers a wide range of self-care rituals. It comes with a guidebook for in-depth explanations of each card, and provides you with a deeper look into Ayurveda.

This gift invites: creativity, inspiration, intuition, self-care, transformation, growth.

Learn more here.

Comfort Self-Care Package

Our Comfort Self-Care Package focuses on juicy rituals to enhance your days.

From aromatherapy to herbal tea, it covers it all! Incorporating the scents of sweet orange and clove, it is deeply comforting while offering a hint of upliftment to brighten one's mood. As we are in the Vata season (fall-early winter), it is the perfect seasonal gift. Below is what can be found in this heart-felt package.

Ritual Soak: made with essential oils, our herbal tea blend (see below), oats, pink Himalayan sea salt, and epsom salt, this soak is perfect for relieving stress and coming back home to yourself.
Ritual Mist: made with essential oils and amethyst crystals, this ritual mist is perfect for setting intentions and transforming your space. Perfect for grounding, we like to use it before bed, when we cozy up to drink tea or read a book, and before a restorative yoga practice.
Ritual Wax Melts: six flower shaped wax melts that contain essential oils and herbs, they are a fun way to incorporate aromatherapy into your space.
Ritual Herbal Tea Blend: made with St. John's Wort, sweet orange, clove, rose and vanilla, this blend offers relaxing and warming herbs, allowing you to surrender into yourself and the moment.

This gift invites: self-love, comfort, warmth, tranquility, beauty.

Learn more here.

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are always a crowd pleaser! Who doesn't like a sacred tool that helps cleanse and uplift energy?

This is essential during the holidays when we have many people gathering in our homes and sharing our personal spaces. Instead of a sage based smudge stick, we wanted to offer you a blend of herbs that aim towards balancing the vata dosha (since we're in the vata season!). With a bundle of pine, rosemary, cedar, cinnamon, and rose, it offers a mix of grounding and warming scents which is sure to keep your space sacred and homey!

This gift invites: balance, groundedness, spirituality, sacred ritual, cleansing.

Learn more here.

Ritual Candles

Candles, candles, candles, you really can't go wrong!

These ritual candles are perfect for igniting presence and intention into your life. Made with magical crystals and balancing scents that will soothe your soul. Below are the three candles we carry.

Citrus Sun: our most popular candle so far! The uplifting scents of lemongrass and bergamot instantly brighten your mood, and the calendula petals plus mookaite crystals bring warmth and confidence. 
Cool Woods: made with peppermint and pine essential oils, this candle offers clarity and ease. The rose quartz crystals and rose petals help invoke love and compassion.
Sweet Nothings: the warming scents of sweet orange and clove will instantly bring a sense of comfort and grounding, and the amethyst crystals plus whole herbs will bring a sense of stability and tranquility.

This gift invites: intention, awareness, self-care, beauty, aromatherapy, thoughtfulness.

Learn more here.

Cool Down Ritual Mist

Cool Down Ritual Mist, the best way to keep your cool during the holiday season.

This mist is oriented towards bringing balance to people of a Pitta constitution, or during the summer months. But it is also a sensory treat during the winter months! With a mix of peppermint and pine essential oils, it keeps your space feeling fresh and clean. The combination of moon charged water and rose quartz crystals help soothe your mind and soul in moments of overwhelm.

This gift invites: tranquility, ease, coolness, clarity, fresh vibes.

Learn more here.

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Foster a sense of thoughtfulness this holiday season by gifting your loved ones with gifts that truly add value to their life. Ayurveda encourages a thriving life in a holistic sense: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Show you care through the gesture of gift giving! (If all else fails, you can always get them a giftcard so they can pick things out themselves!🥰🎁)

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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