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Gaia in our Hearts: Earth Day

April 20, 2021 4 min read


Amongst the beauty of Spring, we have Earth Day to celebrate all her glory! Spring signifies rebirth - the emergence after death. Our mother Gaia has been around much longer than we could fathom & has been doing just so. The first official “Earth Day” our society has known, was in 1970, long after people had been taking from the land, when they had an awakening to the damage that was done. People have been waking up more & more to take shifts in their lives to better recover Earth’s wellbeing.

Every April 22nd, people gather to raise conscious awareness of the current state of our planet & inspire others to hold a place of honor for Earth in their hearts. Before the first Earth Day, she had endured 150 years of industrial development induced trauma. The Earth & people’s health had been greatly suffering. It is astonishingly sad what extent humans will cause suffering before they notice anyone has been affected (as a majority).

Leaders invested in our future were inspired by the student anti-war movements. They guided focus to shift into student led environmental awareness groups. Our future slowly began to take a different course! 20 years later, in 1990, Earth Day went global.

What does Earth Day mean to you?


Earth day celebrations offer a wide array of options to tune into Gaia’s energy & what she needs from us at this time. Some make efforts by joining beach clean ups, medicine circles, gatherings, or restoration groups. Some introduce new measures into their lives to lessen consumption. Some will implement new ways of daily living to create less waste. Taking care of Earth, also means taking care of Earth’s beings. You may feel called to working with animals or people. This includes volunteer work!

The Earth is synchronistic & she is sick because so are her people & vice versa. There are infinite ways in which we can adjust our lives to better nurture the Earth. Explore & choose what resonates within your own heart. Whether you choose to do so through your eating habits/preferences, passionately recycling, removing litter, reducing waste production, caring for animals or people - you are SO appreciated for contributing! This is not a guilt trip- its a call to your own inspirational action. We encourage you to join the community aspects of Earth care, where it lies true to your passions. Doing so with others will enhance the vibration of your good intentions as a collective :) If there is not a local group near to you, we further encourage you to start that group!

The Earth is a living, breathing being holding an enormous amount of power. Her shifts affect our lives greatly & we rely on her for mere survival. You may also tap into her energetically to send love & support. You may feel called to honor her with an intentional ritual. Invite the elements to merge with your soul’s intention.

Connecting to Gaia through An Ayurvedic Path

Did you know that honoring your body (the physical Earth element) aligns you to honor the planet? Earth is our home. The body is our soul’s home. Although, this is a temporary journey, shouldn’t we make the most of it? Earth is a grounding element & getting in touch with Earth includes taking care of your vessel. Through healthy, soul inspiring routines, you allowing your true self to thrive. Being hindered by ailments is a huge unfortunate occurrence in today’s world. The daily life you lead impacts your wellbeing & your surroundings.

Excerpt from An Ayurvedic Path: Oracle Deck Guide Book

“As the Earth is stable & heavy, she roots us down to be fully embodied while we interact with the environment around us. Just as we need to take care of the Earth’s physical form, we need to take care of our own physical form. We can tap into Earth’s stability by creating consistency in our lives. Practicing healthy routines is an important aspect of Ayurveda; this is known as dinacharya. Practice bettering your routines with your physical self to enhance all aspects of your spiritual Self.”

Ways to get grounded with daily routines:

  • Start to align with the natural circadian rhythms by going to bed earlier in the eve & waking closer to the sun’s arrival

  • Enhance your daily rising with a simple, yet fulfilling routine

  • Enhance your evening with a restoring & comforting routine

  • Practice dry brushing to sluff off the energetic & physical debris from your body

  • Lather your lovely body in nourishing oil to protect your soul from the stress of the world

  • Aid your digestion by incorporating tongue scraping into your rising routine

  • Go beyond ordinary oral hygiene with oil pulling to remove excess toxins built up in your system

  • Clear the pathway of nourishing prana by practicing Neti (especially during allergy season!)

  • Gain visual & perspective clarity by eye washing with filtered warm water + rose hydrosol

  • Move your body in joyful ways to get your blood & lymph flowing

  • Cleanse daily with an intention shower to refresh your vessel from the day’s energy

  • Pause productivity & connect with your true soul; simply be with what arises


Earth Nourishing Recipe

1/2 cup cooked quinoa, or preferred grain
1 roasted golden or purple beet
1/4 cup fresh fennel bulb sliced thinly
1/4 cup chickpeas
toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, dash of coriander, dash of savory spice
top with chopped parsley & feta cheese (Violife makes a vegan alternative that is delightful)

Enjoy with presence & gratitude as you nourish your vessel :)

Once upon a time, She thrived

Her luscious lands were juicy

Abundant enough for every being to indulge

Then the inhabitants started shifting

Their hearts disconnecting

Separation grew & nobody knew

Truly who they were, the illusion was persistent

Aligning slowly, the pain diminished

We certainly could see the possible end, as if the Earth was finished

Deciding to protect our children, whether animal, human, plant or energy

We learned to adapt

The world we created is not of a natural sort anymore

Yet inspiration still runs like rivers in our blood

We’ve died, as she has too

Reborn connecting

Stronger than any agenda against humanity

We rise in unity

This Earth is your Home

Explore her beauty deeply

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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