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Digital Detox

February 27, 2021 3 min read

If you were to take all of the time and energy you spend on your phone, or Netflix, or engaging with technology, and instead put it towards journaling, meditating, or simply soaking in nature, in what ways do you think your life would change?

You would probably feel less:

And more:

As Tony Robbins states,
“Energy flows where attention goes.”

Our energy is our power. Where we spend our time, focus, and attention impacts the trajectory of our entire lives. This is where mindfulness and conscious action comes into play. Do you want your days to be filled with creativity and inspiration, while you successfully accomplish tasks, take care of your body, deeply connect with loved ones. commune with nature, and feel divinely aligned? Then you have to take your power back! Instead of spending time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, or numbing out with Netflix, or religiously checking your email, regain control of your impulses. Social media was designed in the same fashion as gambling: it was literally made to keep you addicted. Not only that, but it allows you to momentarily feel like you are connecting with the world, only to leave you more disconnected than before. We are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety and depression, and one of the main reasons is due to our advancing technologies and what little boundaries we hold with these devices.

Bring your energy and focus inwards and tend to the garden you are growing within to cultivate a life filled with love, compassion, inspiration, gratitude, purpose, and creativity. We all want to live out our dharma - our divine purpose in this lifetime. The only way to discover what that is is to cultivate a rich relationship with oneself.

The thing is, we aren’t taught to have a deep relationship with ourselves. In fact, as we get older we actually tend to silence the voice from within that is whispering our dreams and deep-seated needs. Instead, we focus on external things like work, money, “success,” and checking the boxes from a list that society has handed over to us. We get so overwhelmed with that list and the struggle to keep up with our fast-paced culture, that we check out and numb through technology (or drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc.), which further silences the whispers of our soul. It takes work to listen to that quiet voice within and help it become louder. Create boundaries, check-in with yourself, strengthen your intuition, provide space for your inner voice to speak up, and most importantly listen. THIS is the work, and this is what we must constantly nurture and protect.

First, start by asking yourself why you are reaching for technology. What are you getting out of it? Are you looking for stimulation, connection, inspiration? Are you using it as a way to avoid, distract, or numb yourself? What are your triggers or routines around your devices? How does it make you feel afterward? Is there another activity you can do instead? If you find yourself going on social media for connection, can you write a letter to a friend? If you are seeking stimulation, can you practice being stimulated by the natural world? We are so used to quick fixes, that doing quieter and less flashy activities may not scratch that itch in the way you are used to. Give it time, breathe through it, and offer yourself loving support.

Next, ask yourself the following:
How does your body want to move?
How is your heart in this moment?
In what ways are you exploring your creativity?
In what parts of your life do you feel truly fulfilled?
In what ways are you abandoning yourself?
Can you sense the ways you are being that are misaligned with your deepest intentions?
How can you cultivate more space in your life?
What is your soul calling out for?

These are all questions we must ask ourselves on a daily basis if we are to live from our fullest potential.

This month, put limits on your social media usage (or wherever you spend most of your time on your phone), spend less time watching T.V., create a “no screen time” routine each day, and instead spend your time doing something that nourishes your soul. Journal, meditate, make art, pull a spread, walk in nature, take yourself on a date, have a ritual soak, whatever your soul is asking for - do it! Gain the courage to listen to your body and your heart, and the respect to act accordingly. Your relationship with Self is the most important relationship in your life, start loving yourself the way you deserve.

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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