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Cold Infusions

June 01, 2021 3 min read

As temperatures have raised to 100 degrees here in Northern California, I wanted to explore cold infusions! I have transitioned to room temp lemon water in the am - summer is upon us. My pitta is raising & I can barely fathom the idea of hot drinks all throughout the day. Luckily, we have cold infusions to play with & explore! Expanding into different ways of creating herbal medicine for yourself is a lovely way to strengthen your connection to the herbs in which you create with. It is relationship building! Your infusion can also collaborate with the Sun & Moon to enhance intention & increase energetics.

Cold vs Hot

One would choose to make a cold infusion for a few different reasons. If you simply want to enjoy a room temperature or cold herbal delight - go cold infusion. Cold infusions are also chosen for herbs that have more sensitive constituents, as the hot water may burn away certain qualities. It is a slower process of infusing to extract the medicinal qualities but it is beneficial for more mucilaginous plants such as marshmallow & slippery elm. To preserve some of the volatile essential oils of a plant, make a cold infusion. Try a cold infusion for freshly picked herbs as well! Cold infused herbs should be refrigerated & will not have a long shelf life ~ perhaps a few days at most, but the refrigeration really helps preserve them. My favorite drinking vessel for cold infusions are clear glass jars. Jars with personality or unique shapes especially enhance my drinking experience. I love drinking my cold infusions with a bamboo, metal or rubber straw as well, it makes it more fun!


Sun Tea

Sun tea is such a fun, beautiful way to watch your herbs transform into a magnificent infusion. Or you can just place your jar outside & come back once the Sun has done its job! Making sun tea is a lovely way to infuse your herbal beverage with the warmth of the sun while not having the water be completely hot. Think about the energetics of the sun as an addition to the vibration: warm, passionate, embodied, driven, focused, active & alive with radiance!

The standard ratio is to place 1 oz of herb into a jar with 32 oz of water. You may also use the folk method of intuition without measuring. Then take your jar to a beautifully lit window or out in the direct sunlight. Strain & enjoy your magical concoction!


Moon Tea

Moon tea infuses the magical essence of the bright night sky into your herbal beverage. The moon’s energy enhances etheric & mystical qualities. The moon infused to your tea may offer you insight, guided intuition, creativity, sensuality, deep reflection, messages from the dream realm & a connection to your feminine qualities. Pair this intention with that of the specific moon phase you are in: full, waning, new, waxing & the current astrological sign. Your moon tea may be infused in a window sill, on a balcony, on the steps or out in the direct moonlight.


Herbs to explore in a cold infusion:

Marshmallow Root Slippery Elm
Peppermint Chamomile
Sasparilla Comfrey
Mugwort Lavender
Passionflower Rosebuds
Violets Evening Primrose
Lemon Balm St John’s Wort
Horehound Angelica Root
Cleavers Hyssop
Burdock Nettles

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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