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Ayurvedic Self Love Challenge

August 19, 2020 3 min read

If I don’t create time for myself to reset, enjoy myself & nurture myself….. who will?

Have you been paying much attention to micro-decisions lately? The seemingly small, everyday decisions that create your habits, express your patterns & actually have a pretty big impact on your life are worth noting. We set intentions but sometimes forget to check in throughout the day to make sure our actions & words are in alignment as well. But, that’s how we truly bring forth our intentions into reality! It seems that as we age, each year goes by faster & faster. I’ve had trouble allowing myself to take some time out of my life to enjoy myself without guilt! How silly! This notice sparked my heart & let me know that something was off balance.

Last week, we collaborated with 5 amazing Ayurvedic brands to share an Ayurvedic Self-Love Challenge with our Instagram community. We prompted everyone to take 5 days to do something for their well being. This may sound easy peasy, or maybe the opposite - it may seem daunting during these hectic, “I have so much to do!” times. Regardless, the participation was most necessary for our souls. Mine included.

Here’s the lay out of the challenge, each day was based on a card from our deck:


Day 1: Aromatic Awakening

Explore simple, new ways to reset the body & mind through an aromatic bath or foot soak. Add essential oils & or herbs based on intention, absorb the bliss & relax. Get in touch with resetting through the sense of scent.



Day 2: Love Letter

Write a love letter… to yourself! Really voice what you need to hear in appreciation for YOU as a soul being & all that you are to enlighten this world. You deserve sweet words & who knows you better than you? Choose to honor your light here.


Day 3: Sensory Stroll

Enjoy a walking mediation based on the senses. Take it all in & really get to appreciate the environment in which you choose to stroll. What scents arise? What scenery shows your heart gratitude? How do the colors dance in the sky? Which animals can you hear? How does the sun & the wind feel on your skin?


Day 4: Lavish Love

Nourish the soul through oiling the body with an Abhyanga self massage. You have the power of healing & love through your own hands to bless yourself with; make a sacred ritual of this act. Massage your feet, they’ve taken you so far. Massage your arms, they’ve reached so much for you. Massage your vessel in this world.



Day 5: Romancing Your Soul

Envision your ideal date. Now treat yourself to the lovely experience you just dreamed up & created! Any time is a beautiful time to get intimate with the depths of your soul. You do so much for others; don’t forget about yourself.


Learning to get in touch with yourself is one of the most powerful tools you can cultivate. We move so fast & do so much as part of our daily lives. When was the last time you took a moment to just be? The intention of this challenge was to remind everyone that it is essential to create time simply to reset. We need resets all throughout the day as energetic beings filled with water. We are meant to flow, not be rigid in tasks. Take 1 day a week to dedicate some self love practices, then you can build these practices into your daily routines as desired.

Come to these practices at any time! They are here to remind you of your infinite beauty as a soul being. They are here to get you in touch with your body & the physical realm we reside in. They are here for you to play with & make your own experience :)

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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