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Ayurveda's Affinity for Copper

October 06, 2021 3 min read


Copper's purpose goes beyond beauty & enhances our human functionality when incorporated into daily practices. 

Copper is a wondrous trace mineral that has been prominent in human existence for quite some time! If something was popular when Ayurveda was first practiced, it is considered an ancient tool. Beyond being a stunningly beautiful metal, copper has many health benefits for us.

One of the first transformational uses of copper was as a drinking or storage vessel for water. Just by coming into contact with water, copper adds purification. Copper itself is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial & removes toxins from the water! It is the OG water filter of ancient times.

Copper is also essential for our health. As humans, our bodies vary about 55 - 70% water depending on age & composition. Regardless, a large amount of our being is able to receive the effects of copper. This chemical element is also anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory & an antioxidant.

Ways to ingest copper include infusing your water or consuming whole grains, lentils, nuts, seeds, chocolate, potatoes, peas, some dark leafy greens, seafood & organ meats. Water wise, 2 - 3 glasses infused for about 4 hours will provide you with a good amount of copper intake daily. 

Ayurvedic texts say that drinking from a copper cup first thing upon waking is very beneficial. In Dhanwantari, Harish Johari states that drinking from a copper cup upon waking "is a good lifetime practice, and should restore clean movements in a few days." 

When we sleep, we expel electricity. Being that copper is a conductor of electricity itself, it has the ability to absorb our electrical output during the night. It essentially catches the energy which we exude during sleep & drinking the copper infused bedside water allows one to retain their energy upon waking. Drinking copper water upon rising is balancing to Vata, Pitta & Kapha dosha (a tridoshic practice). By drinking copper water, you are essentially helping all of your organs to function properly by aiding the assistance of toxin removal. Input & output must be balanced for health to occur. We acquire diseases when our output does not match that of our input & we become clogged with ama (toxins). 

Benefits of drinking copper water:

  • Aids Digestion: cleanses & detoxes your digestive system for proper absorption of nutrients. 
  • Aids Weight Loss: by reducing overaccumulation of toxins, your body is able to break down fat more efficiently.
  • Regenerative for Wounds: copper has the ability to help new cells grow & regenerate faster making wound healing speed up. 
  • Improves Skin: being antioxidant, copper fights free radicals which create fine lines in your complexion. 
  • Maintains Heart Health: by regulating blood pressure, copper helps to manage hypertension (high blood pressure) & lessen the risk of heart disease which is incredibly high for Americans especially.
  • Protects from Cancer: the antioxidant properties also protect from the cancer causing free radicals. 
  • Protects from Infections: being that copper is naturally sterilizing, it lessens the risk of infection through contaminated water (such as with E. coli)
  • Balances the Thyroid: those with hyper or hypothyroidism usually have a copper deficiency.
  • Alleviates Arthritis & Join Inflammation: strong anti-inflammatory properties of copper help with arthritis & joint pain.
  • Helps rid Anemia: copper is necessary for the absorption of iron in the body. 

Beyond the many health benefits, drinking out of a copper vessel also feels good. It grounds me while adding a sacred, royal flare to my drinking experience! Make sure your copper vessel is of good quality & comes from a brand revered in the Ayurvedic community. 

Other tips for copper consumption:

  • Cleanse your copper vessel before use! Use an acidic solution such as lemon water or vinegar to soak the vessel for a few hours prior to usage. 
  • Let the water rest in your copper vessel for 4-8 hours. Overnight is best, then drink in upon rising.
  • 1 - 2 cups of copper infused water a day will make a positive impact on your health.

The water stored in copper as a tradition is called "tamara jal". Enjoy the ancient tradition of drinking from a copper vessel and be sure to share this practice with your friends, family & community :)

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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