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Autumn Alignment

September 30, 2020 3 min read

A seasonal shift is among us & the subtle changes are becoming more present. Leaves are fading & falling, the winds are heavier, & the sun is setting earlier. You may also notice your own energy shifting. Summer is a time of massive movement, the sun fuels us & passions run high to carry us through our endeavors. As the Earth now prepares to slow down, know that your slowing energy is a part of natural alignment. It's truly a time to start getting comfy with ourselves.

Autumn reminds us of a sweetness that is comforting. We begin to embrace certain spices & change our wardrobe. Yummy, heavier foods are reintroduced that flash us back to childhood memories of home cooked moments. Delicious warming elixirs get us out of bed in the morning. The days are shorter but the nights are deeper.

Our emotions may take some time to catch up with the beauty of autumn. As humans, change can be difficult for the collective; we find a flow, dive deep & usually want to stay there. Any sort of shift can be challenging if not intentionally embraced. As we've all been through so much more than we could imagine this year, we encourage you to gift yourself sweetness throughout this transition. When the world is going through it, you are the one who can nurture your soul best. This simple act of deciding to be sweet to yourself will trickle into the collective & enhance our vibration as a whole.

Identifying the Energies of this Time:

Air + Ether

Air is light, moving, in flow, inspiring & cold. Ether is spacious, vast, contemplative, subtle & divine. Summer warmth fades & you may feel in the midst of a new abyss. Adding supportive structure into your life at this time is a beautiful way to create your own container. When you create routines in your daily life that you enjoy, you begin to embrace life with more love; you begin to commit to yourself in a whole new way.

Healthy Routines for Autumn (most of which can be found in An Ayurvedic Path!):

  • Starting your day with an intentional rising: the colder it is, the harder it is for us to leave our cozy beds for a new day. Include simple self-care into your rising routine to inspire your energy for the day.

  • Begin the day with a warm beverage: nourish your digestive & circulatory system with any of these delicious options: warm/hot lemon water, fresh ginger & lemon tea, CCF (cumin, coriander, fennel) tea, chai, cardamom oat milk latte, homemade apple cider, matcha…

  • Ground through food: embrace warm, natural, nourishing, dense foods such as yams, squash, cooked carrots, grains, ghee, sesame oil, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds.

  • Eat with the sun:enjoy your meals before darkness approaches if possible. Eat a lighter dinner to assist in an earlier bed time.

  • Enjoy an aligning evening routine: subtract stimulating activities in the evening & add reflective or nurturing actions such as journaling, bath ritual, evening tea, reading, meditating, or restorative yoga.

  • Hydrate with nourishing herbs:set time aside in the evening to enjoy a tonic tea latte with either shatavari, ashwagandha, turmeric, licorice, marshmallow or guduchi.

  • Try a mono-diet: lighten the load on your body by simplifying your diet to mostly consist of kitchari, a perfectly balanced ayurvedic meal of basmati rice, mung dahl, spices & veggies. Experience for 3-10 days to shift through a balanced cleanse.

  • Nourish the nervous system: best support your nerves by keeping your skin moist with oils such as sesame, sunflower or nourishing herbal oils. Make sure to really integrate the oil into the body through massage.

Emotional Shifts:

Autumn is a time of release. Life regenerates by resting here on Earth & we are reminded to do the same. It is more conducive to rest when the load has been lightened. Shifting through relationships, circumstances & daily life can be unsettling work. Cultivate faith in the fact that all is aligning for the highest good, & rooted in love. This daily reminder of aligning with universal source love can guide you towards acceptance & growth.

Having healthy habits helps support us through our transformational growth that happens to come along at any time - especially when it is least expected. Tap into a balance of being best supported through moments of solo work & community healing. Sometimes in the midst of feelings, we forget that people would love to support us in a multitude of ways if we simply ask for their presence.

 ~ We wish to best support you on the journey of life through all of the shifting times ~

With love,

Erica & Tatiana

Erica Beaty
Erica Beaty

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