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Astrological Alignment

October 20, 2021 5 min read

Aries Full Moon Oct 20th 2021

The moon's energy pulls at the waters within us. As you go about your days, you may feel sways of emotions. Perhaps irritations are escalated and you feel off. Or maybe you feel drained and low on energy. It is a good habit to tune into the moon's current influence when you feel that things are off in your energetic field. Tuning into the current influence will ease the navigation of your emotions. I often find comfort in the recognition that the moon's placement is affecting my being. 

"It is a good habit to tune into the moon's current influence when you feel that things are off in your energetic field."

We have been in the influence of Libra which guides us to focus on our relationships. Now as the moon transitions into Aries, we are pulled into the awareness of the relationship to Self. Libra has a great emphasis on balance, hence the scales. So now is the time to come into balance with your personal relationships vs your self relationship. 

Have you been giving more energy to others than yourself?

Are you feeling low on energy through out the day & exhausted at night?

Are you lacking time to enjoy yourself & relax?

Have you been postponing the things that bring you joy?

Answering yes indicates a sign that you have not been placing yourself first on your priority list. There is a difference between vanity / egoism and honoring your Self. If your choices come from the genuine act of nourishing your soul, then you're in alignment with growth. Society teaches us to give give give & take care of others til you're exhausted & have nothing left. Then you've essentially had a "productive" day. But that means we forgot that simply being is our birthright. Being in your own natural essence is enough. So let yourself be...

As this full moon illuminates the sky, things will also arise that cannot be supressed any longer. Let them. Sit with them face to face & acknowledge their presence. The more willing you are to address them, the sooner you will be able to move past them. This is when our favorite tool comes into play - journaling! Write it out! Even if you write 3 sentences or stream for 15 minutes, you are giving yourself permission to access the deeper realms within you that are calling for attention. 

Aries Tendencies

As a sign, Aries has shadow & empowering tendencies that may be activated within you during this time. If you are feeling enhanced irritation, frustration, impulsiveness or anger, recognize that this is an influence of the Aries shadow. If you are feeling enhanced focus, dedication, passion and a little selfish, this is the influence of the empowered Aries. Selfish can be good! It doesn't necessarily mean that you have no regard for others - its a full spectrum word. It can simply reflect that you are making decisions for your wellbeing rather than solely for the benefit of others. Aries are really good at that yet they do have the tendency to not consider others when out of balance. So tune into the Libra energy to find that balance ~ 

Embracing Yourself

If contemplating any situation is causing you exhaustion at this time, try to loosen your grip on the mind. You have an enhanced intuitive connection when the moon is full & can tap into this innate wisdom. Tune in to your intuitive feelings. They may arise in your body or heart center as an inner knowing. Sometimes being radically self prioritizing means saying no thank you to others & turning inward. It can look like silencing your phone, catching up on sleep, spending the day reading, crafting, cooking & not getting back to messages. Whatever you need to reset is part of a restorative day. I believe we all need at least 1 day a week to have no plans & no need to tend to anyone else. This is a perfect time to take a bath, read a book, allow your emotions & connect with yourself. Self study is a huge part of the path of awareness. What has been arising for you lately? If it is reoccurrent then it truly is asking for your attention. 

 You may be feeling extra fueled by the enhanced Aries energy! If so, it is a wonderful time to tackle any obstacles & work towards your ideal reality. You are now being supported to finish a project, create proposals, take action towards your potential, assert yourself in areas necessary, and embrace your courageous energy. Aries is a FIRE sign! Let the inner warmth fuel your passionate drive to move forward & attain your goals. There may be areas in your life that you have been feeling squashed in. Now is the time to practice self assertion & emotional declaration. This is you standing in all of your power ready to let the world know you are here for it. The practice of tuning inward & honoring yourself will help with the tendency to be impulsive emotionally & act from anger or frustration. Balance is key ~ 

Practices for this Moon time ~

  • Fire Ceremony: allow the element of fire to transform unwanted energies into free space. Write down what you wish to release (emotions, cycling thoughts, doubts, memories) & offer it safely into a fire.
  • Trataka: enhance your focus by gazing at the flame of a candle.
  • Taking Space: tell your loved ones you will be having a restorative day to yourself & that you will get back to them after you feel well rested. 
  • Sacred Cleansing: remember that water holds prominent cleansing capabilities, especially when salt is added. Partake in an intentional bath or shower ridding you of the day's literal & energetic debris.
  • Stay Warm: fuel your inner fire with warm or hot teas that increase your agni (digestive fire) so that you may process whatever comes through you. Wear appropriate attire for the weather & protect your body as you may experience hightened sensitivity. 
  • Collaborate: if there are projects that are calling to you, tend to them. There are probably people in your life that would love to enhance your goals with their skillset. 
  • Make Ghee: every full moon is a perfect time to make delicious ghee! Although, if I'm having a really rough time emotionally, I will sit out on this one. Feel it out. 
  • Vision Quest: get clear on your desires and use images or words to call them forth! 
  • Mantra: mantra chanting is a perfect way to enhance your focus towards a desired reality. Choose a mantra in Sanskrit or an affirmation to apply to your current state of life. 

Tatiana Beatriz
Tatiana Beatriz

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